Richard Stoliar and Lisa Stewart from the 12d team presented a special webinar giving you for the first time a look into some of 12d Synergy Version 4’s new and exciting features. The webinar definitely had something for everyone and covered a myriad of elements; everything from nifty little UI tweaks to major feature releases. I know my brain was buzzing after all the content. Richard explains that the primary focus on version 4 was twofold: optimisation and usability. Version 4 is currently in Beta and is due to be released at the 12d Technical Forum, late July 2018!

The complete webinar has been recorded and can be viewed below. Make sure to watch the workflows and spatial search demonstrations- they are definitely something quite special.

Watch: What’s Coming in 12d Synergy 4 – Webinar


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A Cleaner, Simpler Interface

The 12d Synergy client has received a face-lift. The number of tabs has been reduced and a categorised navigation column with icons has been added to improve your navigation of the client, as illustrated below.

The all-new ‘My Active Items’ window enables you to quickly access your recently opened files or check in files, saving you valuable minutes. Current workflows and tasks are also viewable in the window. File transfers are now visualised in version 4 through a new progress bar to show overall transfer time.

A faster, Nimbler Synergy

The amount of communication between the client and the server, and between the server and the database has been reduced. There has also been tonnes of little UI tweaks to improve the speed of 12d Synergy. Ultimately, this means less strain on infrastructure and a faster and improved user experience.

Email Management

12d Synergy 4’s email management makes on-boarding of new users even faster with the addition of bulk email loading. The amount of time and effort writing repetitious emails is eliminated with new outgoing templates for standard emails.

Reporting with Gadgets

12d Synergy 4 comes with dashboard reporting gadgets straight out of the box. The reporting feature allows flexible and easy generation of reports to improve the management of your tasks and projects. Reports include file changes over time, user activity and logins, job status and workflow updates and task progress. Reporting can be scheduled to suite your organisation’s time and workflow needs.

CAD Advanced Data Management Module

CAD management in Version 3 was quite limited. Version 4’s new Reference Types, Sheet Set Manager and Drawing Register means that CAD users can now enjoy the full benefit of using 12d Synergy. The Synergy drawing register allows CAD users to edit files and layout attributes via a new bulk attribute editor, enabling automatic embedding and updates. Synergy now supports new reference types, including DWG, images, PDF, Point Clouds and Data Links (Autodesk products only). Also, Additional buttons on the Synergy ribbon in CAD, such as ‘Open’ from and ‘Save As’ into 12d Synergy have been added.

Workflow Engine

Workers belonging to AEC organisations have a large number of processes that they must adhere to, both at the high and the day-to-day levels. Managing workflows in version 4 is much simpler than in version 2 and 3. Workflows can be attached to files, folders, 12d Model projects and jobs using attributes. States and transitions, such as moving from ‘In Progress’ to ‘Pending Review’ can now be set up to trigger automate actions. These actions include, assigning a workflow to someone, emailing someone, locking a file and updating the revision number. This allows users to make workflows as simple or as powerful as you like to suite the needs and regulations of your business. Below is a screenshot of the easy-to-use workflow interface.

Mapping and Spatial Search

Spatial Search enables jobs, contacts and companies to be easily visualised on maps based on geocoded addresses or latitudinal and longitudinal coordinates. This enables users to view and search for jobs and files based upon their geographical location. For example, using the Spatial Search feature you could search for all files within 500 meters of your project site. Thus, giving you greater context to your data and documents.

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