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How You Should Be Worksharing and Managing Across Multiple Offices

How You Should Be Worksharing and Managing Across Multiple Offices Architectural, engineering and construction (AEC) businesses are facing unprecedented demands to draw upon specialised skills and disciplines beyond their local site or office. As the industry becomes an increasingly divided two-speed economy, regions are running red-hot while other markets have become persistently quiet. Compare the… Read more »

Webinar: 12d Synergy and 12d View on the Sydney B-Line Project

Webinar: 12d Synergy and 12d View on the Sydney B-Line Project Michael Connor, Survey Manager of Fulton Hogan, will reveal in an exclusive webinar how he and his team successfully used 12d Synergy and 12d View on the Sydney B-Line project. The webinar will feature the highlights from Michael’s previous presentation at the Survey ‘Birds… Read more »

Designing Great Workflows

Designing Great Workflows All businesses have a range of workflows. Some are highly efficient and optimised, others are error-prone, resource-wasting and frustrating. Poor workflows typically have too many activities, involve the wrong people, include the same people too many times or have too many potential rework events. Improving them is critical: whether or not a… Read more »

Reviewing the 2018 12d Technical Forum

Reviewing the 12d 2018 Technical Forum The 12d Technical Forum for 2018 has come and gone – and what a huge success it was! For three days and two nights the 12d team hosted 538 delegates in sunny Brisbane at the Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre. 12d users flocked from all over the world to… Read more »

How to Bust Through the Wall of Change Management Resistance

Busting Through the Wall of Change Management Resistance In today’s fast-paced and hyper competitive business environment change is the only constant. You know this. In a heartbeat your situation can completely change, and therefore, so must you. Change management is all about handling uncertainty and risk by being adaptable and fluid. Fail to do so… Read more »

The Total Synergy Connector for 12d Synergy

The Total Synergy Connector for 12d Synergy More and more manual business processes are becoming streamlined by new software solutions. Architectural, engineering and construction organisations are riding this wave, chasing new efficiencies and competitive advantages. They have adopted a multitude of software products, including software for data management, project accounting, project tracking, time management, CRM,… Read more »

Implementing 12d Synergy for your Business

How to Speed Up the Implementation Process Implementing 12d Synergy at your organisation is a sizeable change. One that is likely to encounter obstacles. To help you overcome this, Lincoln Smith and Tim Brooks presented a 12d Training webinar to show you how to successfully and seamlessly implement change at your organisation. And how to… Read more »

12d Synergy 4 Preview

12d Synergy 4 Preview Richard Stoliar and Lisa Stewart from the 12d team presented a special webinar giving you for the first time a look into some of 12d Synergy Version 4’s new and exciting features. The webinar definitely had something for everyone and covered a myriad of elements; everything from nifty little UI tweaks to… Read more »

Webinar: Worksharing Among Multiple Offices

Webinar: Managing Multiple Offices The 12d Synergy team presented another great webinar jam-packed with content. This time we tackled an ambitious topic… how to solve the headache of worksharing across multiple offices. Multi-office consultancies can often experience the light and shade of different performing markets. As one office faces an infrastructure boom, another may be… Read more »

LD Eng: Quality Assurance Solution

LD Eng now use 12d Synergy to manage their business and of course all of their data. The system is at the core of their Quality Assurance system and has also been used as a tool to implement flexible working conditions with 12d Synergy’s remote access functionality.