Reviewing the 2018 12d Technical Forum

by | Aug 6, 2018

The 12d Technical Forum for 2018 has come and gone – and what a huge success it was! For three days and two nights the 12d team hosted 538 delegates in sunny Brisbane at the Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre. 12d users flocked from all over the world to attend, travelling from New Zealand, Canada, Dubai, South Africa and Fiji.

The 12d Technical Forum for 2018 was a record-breaking event, with our previous long-standing attendance record being smashed by almost 100 attendees!

The event focused around the theme of ‘pushing the boundaries’: how 12d users are innovatively using 12d Model and 12d Synergy to push the industry forward in leaps and bounds. It was great to see the many ways the 12d community are using our products to find inventive solutions to long-standing real-world challenges and to make great things happen.

The new features of 12d Model 14 and 12d Synergy 4 were finally revealed, being presented and demonstrated first-hand to hundreds of 12d users.

The 12d team have been absolutely overwhelmed by the response. Attendees have told us it was our biggest and best event to date. We were blown away by the user presentations and Innovation Award entries.

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Here’s some impressive numbers of the event:

538 attendees
• 30 main room presentations
• 87 Birds of a Feather talks in 4 Birds of a Feather rooms
• 19 customer presentations
• 40kg of M&Ms devoured
• $17,000 Innovation Awards prize pool
• 11 12d International Innovation Awards
• 1 Innovation Awards Dinner

And all of this in only 3 days and 2 nights!

A few of the countless highlight moments:

• Three generations of 12d: Dr Lee Gregory on stage with his grandson Lachlan Gregory
• Steve Hunter’s presentation about Civil Object Creation and ‘Love Islanders’
• Charlie Dickson, Stuart Hamilton & Cameron Paintin’s talk on the NCTIR project (NZ)
• David Mare and Matthew Monk’s update on the NorthConnex project (NSW)
• Tim Frost (Jacobs) and Chris Hunt’s (Aurecon) presentation on the Westgate Tunnel project (VIC)
• Richard Russel’s Bells Line of Road presentation (NSW)
• The Rocklea to Darra Project (QLD) presented by Stuart Cook.
• The Parramatta Light Rail project presented by Niall Brady and Jarred Dickson from ARUP (NSW).
• The Innovation Awards dinner with the James Bond themed comedy act
• Lee Gregory’s presentation on the Model of the Earth and GDA 2020
• 12d Synergy 4’s Workflows and Advanced CAD Management demonstrations
• Guest Speech by Drone futurist Dr. Catherine Ball, ‘the dame of drones’, “When drones go wrong and other stories of the future”

Above all else, the event showcased first-hand the passion, generosity, innovation and comradery of the 12d Community which is second to none.

A massive thank you to everyone involved – every presenter, organiser, the entire 12d team and of course all the attendees.

Thank you also to our great sponsors for their support:

Dalton Consulting Engineers
Position and Spatial Source

Special thanks to Lisa Stewart, 12d Solution’s Marketing & Communications Coordinator turned Event Manager extraordinaire, for her outstanding effort rallying the team and ensuring the event ran like a well-oiled machine.

If you got any great photos or videos of your time at the event, don’t forget to share them using the event hashtag: #12dTechForum18

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