Why You Need to Optimise Your Data Transfers

by | Aug 13, 2018

Transferring huge project files across slow, unreliable networks is a nightmare. Many architectural, engineering and construction offices waste hundreds of valuable hours transferring their geospatial data.

10-minute, 30-minute and even 60-minute file transfer wait times have become the norm.

We tell ourselves to grin and bear it and do something else for that time… read emails or organise an unnecessary meeting. But with deadlines on the horizon, demanding clients on our backs and stringent KPIs to meet, we simply can’t afford to waste time transferring data.

Geospatial Data and the Death of Efficient Collaboration

Geospatial data has become massive: 325MB DWGs, 10GB 12d Model Projects, 10GB LIDARS, 1TB Mobile Laser Scanning. Current systems – Windows Explorer shared drives, VPN connections and consumer-grade cloud platforms – just aren’t up to the task of managing it.

The truth is that you shouldn’t have to wait for more than 60 seconds for your geospatial data to transfer. And with 12d Synergy’s Intelligent Data Transfer, you don’t have to. The dream of reliable, fast file transfers is now a reality.

Supercharge Your Data Transfer Speeds

12d Synergy is a faster, safer and smarter way to transfer your data. It enables you to efficiently work and collaborate on your geospatial designs.


    1. Get Data up to 30x Faster with Optimised Data Transfers – Stop waiting and start designing with 91% reduced data transfer traffic. Transfer only the changed files, not the entire project. One of our clients reported reductions in transfer wait times from 40 minutes to just 60 seconds.
    2. Fast-track your Network Speeds-  Say farewell to congested networks with local data caching technology. Our clients report opening and closing their 12d Model projects 5x faster on average thanks to 12d Synergy. With geospatial modelling that runs faster, employees are more productive every day.

Spillover benefits of optimised data transfers

Retain Top Talent – 12d Synergy enables staff to move interstate and overseas, but still remain productive team members.

Simpler Resourcing – Leverage specialist talent from anywhere, without the need to pay for expensive and disruptive relocations and fly-in fly-out meetings.

Create a Flexible Working Culture – 12d Synergy makes it easy for staff to work from home, avoiding rush hour traffic and painful commuting times. 12d Synergy has made efficient designing and collaboration with geospatial data a reality.

“Prior to using 12d Synergy… it would take between 30 – 40 minutes to open the same project across the corporate network. Due to the local caching technology in 12d Synergy, similar projects now open in around 1 – 2 minutes. I can now work from any office in the country or from home and I know my data will load quickly. Plus, I can make my edits without any delays. 12d Synergy saves me a lot of time every day.” – Ben Brown, Civil Designer, WSP

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