Enter 12d Synergy 4: Here’s What You Need to Know

by | Sep 12, 2018

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Enter 12d Synergy 4: Here’s What You Need to Know

Welcome to 12d Synergy 4. 12d Synergy is streamlined data management, project collaboration and worksharing software built specifically for architectural, engineering and construction professionals like you.

12d Synergy 4 is data done smarter, simplifying how you work on, collaborate and manage large geospatial datasets both in and out of the office. It’s designed for companies big and small, for users new and expert. It’s the vaccine for your data headaches.

Since 2016, the 12d Synergy user base has grown by over 300%! 12d Synergy is being used to manage the data and collaboration for many of Australia and New Zealand’s major projects, including:

•  Ipswich Motorway Upgrade (Rocklea to Darra) (Qld)
•  West Gate Tunnel Project (Vic)
•  M1-M3 Upgrade (Qld)
•  NorthConnex (NSW)
•  North Canterbury Transport Infrastructure Recovery (NCTIR) (NZ)

Interested to learn more about how 12d Synergy was used in these projects? We’ve got something great for you! Keep your eyes and ears open for the Innovation Showcase!

12d Synergy 4 Presentation

Richard Stoliar presenting the highlights of 12d Synergy 4 at our sold out 2018 12d Technical Forum.

Like the AEC industry, 12d Synergy is constantly growing and evolving, continually adding inventive and intuitive features to solve the ever-changing challenges you face. Over 600 changes have been made based on user feedback from the 12d Synergy Support Portal.

After two years of blood, sweat and tears 12d Synergy 4 is finally here. It’s our biggest, fastest and best release to date – it’s going to be a game changer on numerous fronts.

The long list of new 12d Synergy 4 features include:

•  Advanced CAD Management
•  Workflow Engine
•  Reports & Gadgets
•  Spatial Search
•  New Connected Products: Total Synergy
•  Even better 12d Model management
•  Issuing and Transmittals
•  Email Management Made even easier
•  Faster and easier onboarding with user and group management
•  Better speed and usability

Version 4 is our best and fastest version yet. The development team has been hard at work not just working on the features our clients felt were missing, but improving and speeding up the product. I’m really excited for our clients to get their hands on it and see what it can offer them. We’ve really focused on usability – the system needs to be intuitive and easy to use.”    –  Richard

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Shane leads 12d Synergy’s marketing and growth. In the wild, Shane is a shameless Meatloaf fan (both the singer and the food), with an obsession equally for the great outdoors and great spreadsheets.