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NCTIR: Rebuilding a Network Where Mountains Meet the Sea

Watch the full video TWO minutes after midnight on the 14th November 2016, New Zealand was violently rocked awake by a massive 7.8 magnitude earthquake. New Zealand’s South Island was plunged into darkness, as power failed, buildings collapsed, and a state of emergency was declared. After the sun finally rose over the South Island, ending… Read more »

Enter 12d Synergy 4: Here’s What You Need to Know

Watch the Full Video Enter 12d Synergy 4: Here’s What You Need to Know Welcome to 12d Synergy 4. 12d Synergy is streamlined data management, project collaboration and worksharing software built specifically for architectural, engineering and construction professionals like you. 12d Synergy 4 is data done smarter, simplifying how you work on, collaborate and manage… Read more »

WestConnex and Worksharing

WestConnex, 12d Synergy

Aurecon faced a busy 2016 with various major projects in the pipeline including Sydney’s WestConnex. The Aurecon – Jacobs joint venture adopted 12d Synergy as a project collaboration and worksharing solution, which enabled them to leverage their skills and talents from various locations around the world; Ed Wilson explains.

LD Eng: Quality Assurance Solution

LD Eng now use 12d Synergy to manage their business and of course all of their data. The system is at the core of their Quality Assurance system and has also been used as a tool to implement flexible working conditions with 12d Synergy’s remote access functionality.

WSP: Synergising the Toowoomba Second Range Crossing

A joint venture between WSP and Aurecon (APB) adopted 12d Synergy to run on the Toowoomba Second Range Crossing project.
APB managed all 12d Model data, GIS information, XPSWMM data and all project related Correspondence with 12d Synergy.
Around 80 users generated over 30,000 emails during the project, all filed by 12d Synergy’s Email Management.

Cardno: A Quality Assurance Solution

At the time of implementation Cardno had not even considered 12d Synergy’s integration with 12d Model, it was purely a Quality Assurance Solution. They were looking to implement a system which would assist them with their ISO 9001 Quality Assurance audit.

Training: Tasks and Collaboration

12d Synergy Training: Tasks and Collaboration In this this training webinar, we look at various collaboration tools within 12d Synergy. These tools can help your project team communicate more effectively, while keeping each other informed. We look at using tasks to set a ‘to do’ items, or suggested worflows. We also look at using forums… Read more »

Webinar: Managing Emails With 12d Synergy

This webinar discusses the benefits of managing emails within a business. Lincoln and Lisa discuss issues such as: –  Email in the workplace. –  Email in business and law. –  The risks and costs of drawn out disputes. –  Time wasted in email search. –  The growing need to manage email. –  Current industry practices…. Read more »

NorthConnex Data Management

Northconnex Data Management

NorthConnex is the largest road tunnel project in Australia. Being such a large project with high exposure it is crucial that work is completed efficiently and effectively. The scale and pressures of the project has created data management issues, NorthConnex turned to 12d to develop custom solutions.

Link Business Systems with Connectors

12d Synergy, Abtrac, MYOB, XERO, WorkflowMax, Microsoft Dynamics, Excel, Outlook

Connectors link other business systems to 12d Synergy to improve efficiency and create a true central point of truth for you business data.