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Data management and Project collaboration for the Architecture, Engineering and Construction Industries.

12d Synergy; data management and project collaboration for the architecture engineering and Construction office, simply easier.

A big problem in an AEC office is there are lots of busy people surveyors, Engineers, project managers and many other stakeholders such as clients who may want access or changes to designs reports and drawings.  Naturally lots of data and documents are created.

So how can an AEC office keep track of data and documents?

Sure, you can try getting by using Windows Explorer, Outlook or an Excel spreadsheet where you can use generic tools such as SharePoint.  If you want something tailored to suit your business workflow be ready to pay for it, it’s a shame really.

Understandably most companies get stuck that’s why we built 12d Synergy, 12d Synergy works the way your office works.   It handles all file types and can manage the data created by all geospatial software packages and of course it’s the only data management Solution that can manage 12d Model projects.

12d Synergy is scalable so it can be used in a small office, in a big multinational office, on a small car park project for even a multi-billion dollar Highway project.

With 12d Synergy we give you a Windows Explorer like user interface.  You will know where everyone is up to in the project, what coworkers are doing, who has the right version of the document and you can ensure there is no unauthorised access to your data.

With 12d Synergy you will be able to collaborate with your coworkers by;

  • Assigning tasks
  • Posting messages on forums and sharing documents with them,
  • Publish files to be accessed by people outside your organisation,
  • Enforce file naming policy,
  • Automatic email management via Outlook,
  • Ahave version control and an audit trail for all data and documents in the system including 12d       model projects
  • Have the ability to search across all your data including contents
  • Handle document transmittal
  • And much more.

So what do you get when you license 12d Synergy?

You get software to run on a server and software to be run on every computer that requires access to the 12d Synergy server. You can run 12d Synergy in your office Network or access it remotely from outside the office provided you have Internet access.

We care about security as much as your I.T department so 12d Synergy encrypts the data.

We have a feature that allows you to run offline too.  12d Synergy will handle all the files improvisation when you go back online.  As part of the licensee you will get all the support you need through our support portal as well as phone and email help from our support department.

Take control of your data and documents with 12d Synergy; data management and project collaboration, simply easier.


We have made it really easy to get started;

Contact us and we will answer all of your questions.  We can give you more information and arrange an obligation free presentation of 12d Synergy.

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Mitch helps engineering and construction teams achieve success through the adoption of world class common data environments. Mitch joined 12d Synergy in 2017 and now champions our growth across Australia. Mitch helps engineering and construction teams achieve success through the adoption of world class common data environments. Mitch is also a sports fanatic and self-confessed cricket tragic.