Data & Document Management

At the core of 12d Synergy are its rock solid data and document management capabilities, implemented in a way that makes sense for engineering, architecture and construction businesses.

Cost-effective and flexible document and data management is key to ensuring your business stays competitive in today’s marketplace.

12d Synergy is the best solution for storing and securing your priceless documents and data, including:

  • Microsoft Office documents;
  • Outlook emails;
  • CAD drawings;
  • Geospatial data, such as 12d Model projects;
  • Any other file or folder

12d Synergy Landscape

12d Synergy software is installed on your server and all users can access company data through the 12d Synergy client. 12d Synergy provides a check in/check out process to edit data and contains version control, rollback and collaboration features. All data transferred is encrypted to ensure data security and access can be granted to users outside of the office.

For users who are on-site or unable to connect to the Internet, you can take data ‘offline’ to continue working without a network connection. Furthermore, for surveyors and contractors wanting to synchronise data from a central database model to surveyors (and vice versa), a ‘data sync’ feature is available. For multiple office setups, File Replication Servers can be utilised to increase data transfer speeds.

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Version Control & History

Version control and a complete audit trail are key to any effective data management system.

At some point, we have all experienced losing changes to a document, or opening the wrong version as files and documents are emailed or added to haphazard shared drives.

Stop worrying about where the latest version is, and stop spending time managing shared drives. Let 12d Synergy do the hard work.

12d Synergy uses a check in and check out system so you can trust that you are working on the most recent version of the file, and you will know if someone else is currently working on it. Avoid the embarrassment of sending a document to a client only to realise that it was in the process of being updated.

12d Synergy will keep detailed information on:

  • Who changed the data;
  • When it was changed;
  • Why it was changed;
  • And any other information that you define to help track your documents and data.

Best of all, you can always quickly roll back to a previous version of a file or folder at the click of a button!

Easy folder management

Most document management systems only work with individual files, but we know you require something a little more flexible.

12d Synergy efficiently manages both your files and entire folders of files.

This is critical for any program that deals with a folder of files, such as 12d Model, TUFLOW, or SPACE GASS, just to name a few. This is especially important when it comes to references to other files contained in those files.

Simply check the 12d Synergy folder as managed and the software will automatically detect new, deleted or changed files and sub-folders, and update the associations between files.

With 12d Synergy folder management, keeping track of the complex data and file relationship of your specialist software is easier.

Easy, speedy search

Find what you need in a flash with 12d Synergy’s speedy indexed search.

With our lightning fast Lucene based search technology, you can search for:

  • File names;
  • Attributes;
  • Contents of 12d Synergy notes;
  • And contents of common file formats including:
    • Microsoft Office documents;
    • Emails;
    • CAD drawings.

12d Synergy makes sluggish Outlook and Windows searches nothing but a bad memory.

Define your data. Your way.

Most businesses have some kind of process they use to make sure they know where their data is stored.

Unfortunately, for many businesses this is an informal process, with haphazard document naming conventions and ad hoc subject lines running rampant.

Does “BrisbaneRoadTenderDocument v5.docx” and “BrisbaneRoadTenderDocument v5 revised.docx” look familiar? If you have been in this situation, you know how hard it can be to keep track of the right version.

We know that every business works differently, with their own policies, terminology and workflows.

But the big challenge facing businesses is enforcing those policies. It requires training and constant maintenance to ensure colleagues are complying.

The problem with humans is they make mistakes.

Take the guesswork out of your business processes with 12d Synergy by defining and requiring users to enter additional information for every new version of files and folders.

For Users For Managers
We make it easy to comply with business and naming rules We make it easy to enforce those rules

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Easy Access Control

12d Synergy allows you to define who can:

  • View your data
  • Access your data
  • Edit your data

Access can be granted to:

  • Individual users
  • Custom groups
  • Team roles

For network administrators, you can even use existing Active Directory permissions

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