Link Business Systems with Connectors

by | May 4, 2017

[arve url=”” mode=”lazyload” thumbnail=”1176″ title=”Link Business Systems with Connectors” description=”12d Synergy Connectors will allow you to centralise information from Abtrac, MYOB, XERO, WorkflowMax, Microsoft Dynamics, Excel and Outlook.” /]

What are 12d Synergy connectors?

12d Synergy connectors are tools to import and synchronise data from other software packages into 12d Synergy.  Connectors use the API* (Application Programming Interface) to interrogate external systems.

*The API is a tool that programmers can use to sync up different program packages and different data bases.

What information can connectors import into 12d Synergy?

Jobs – 12d Synergy uses a concept called job templates.  You can set up a job template for your standard survey or engineering job.  Your template will then come pre-loaded with your preferred folder structure, any standard documentation for the job, a team list and, tasks.  Connectors then allow you to draw in other information and data from your accounting package into your job template.

Job Information – Any job information relating can be drawn in such as job number, site address and, any other information can be drawn from an external software package.

Contacts – Import any related contact information, including email address, phone number and mobiles.

Companies/Clients – Other company information, this is also known as clients in other packages such as WorkFlowmax.

Tasks files and notes can also be drawn into 12d Synergy.

Why use connectors?

One of the benefits of 12d Synergy is that our customers have input into the development of the program.  Right from the beginning clients were telling us they love storing this data in 12d Synergy but, they were duplicating a lot of information in other programs.  Our customers saw a benefit in being able to centralise this information.  They wanted this to be completed without double entry, ruling out the risks of human error.

Often in an organisation when a new job begins, the first step is to enter this job into the accounting system.  Staff members are already familiar with these processes.  Being able to draw that information in via connectors means there are less steps in the procedures, and less processes staff need to learn.

12d Synergy attributes can be used to populate template documents, title blocks etc.  If you were entering all of this good information into your accounting system, things like job number, email addresses and client details, they can be sucked through to 12d Synergy.

What connectors are there?

We listened to our customers and build in what they asked for, common packages included Abtrac, MYOB, XERO, WorkflowMax, Microsoft Dynamics as well as excel and Email Management for Outlook.

We expose our programming language so, you aren’t limited to the connectors we provide out of the box.  If you have another package which also expose their API, it is possible to create a one off custom connector.

How do the connectors work?

If you decide that you would like to get a connector up and running, you will require a license file to enable the connector.

The first step is to contact your local 12d Synergy distributor.  You also need to contact your other software provider to gain their API information.

How do I install connectors?

We have a range of videos guiding you through the process of connector installation listed below:

Would you like to see 12d Synergy in action?