ESQ: Enhancing Project Delivery With Data Management

by | Oct 4, 2017

Civil engineering and project management consultancy, Engineering Solutions Queensland Pty Ltd (ESQ), has increased productivity by enabling team collaboration and providing a central data repository for project related emails and design files using 12d Synergy.

Established in 2013, ESQ formerly relied on manual processes to manage road design, earth works, drainage and infrastructure modelling projects.

Enhancing Project Delivery with Specialised Data Management

As its business expanded, the firm recognised the need for sharing and managing project related tasks, documents, email and data to avoid project bottlenecks.

The team used their local computer to schedule and record their daily tasks and this information was not shared. Like many small to medium sized consultancies, ESQ’s Director was client facing, as a result he would manage most of the client liaison.

“A lot of important project data would sit in his inbox. That created an inefficient work system because no one would be notified of potential client or project changes unless they were copied in on emails.”
Mal Peaker, Design Office Manager, ESQ.

With each project compromising numerous design, correspondence and data files – anything from drawings to task notes and communications – tracking the progress of jobs could no longer be accurately managed without direct and timely access to up-to-date information.

Leveraging Data Management, Collaboration and Email Management to Enhance Project Delivery

Since migrating its projects and data library into 12d Synergy, ESQ has enabled a collaborative file-sharing environment to provide the firm’s team of seven with the most up-to-date information.



Using 12d Synergy’s outlook plug-in, ESQ has automated the filing of emails; Email management allows them to file emails directly to a job folder which all staff can view and action.

ESQ has also introduced a formal documentation process with templates for fee and project proposals, as well as project assessments. Document naming conventions are enforced by the system.

These capabilities are being supported by 12d Synergy’s over-arching revision and version control, which simplifies the process of backups and audits, as well as any changes that need to be made to the job. This means ESQ can quickly roll back to previous versions of designs created with a geospatial software package, such as 12d Model or CAD.



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