Reduce your Document and Data Administration

by | Aug 28, 2017

Stop Drowning in Document Administration and Project Data

Clark Land Surveyors is a surveying and land development consultancy based in Christchurch, New Zealand.  They recently undertook a scheme to digitise their archived project files, resulting in the surveying firm saving time and money, whilst providing them with piece of mind.

The devastating Christchurch earthquake of 2011 created a rush of building work and new laws which govern these projects.  The new laws and increased demand resulted in an increase in paperwork and compliance requirements related to the industry.

Clark Land Surveyors being fairly vigilant with their documentation began to run out of file space.  They had multiple filing locations including a neighbouring office which were packed with files.  The amount of paper gathering was creating a cluttered and inefficient work environment.  Archives were taking up more and more space, there was limited room for active files and general office stationary.

ServerWorks had recently created a document digitisation solution which converted documents into a digital format.  Once in this format Clark Land Surveyors were able to discard paper based filing and free up more space, but they wanted to go further, they wanted a single location for all of their data which allowed them to efficiently search for documents and project data.

Clark Land Surveyors had already adopted 12d Synergy for their surveyors previous to this project.  Surveyors were using the system to manage their project documents, data and were using templates and email management to streamline their processes.

“Anything related to a job now goes into 12d Synergy and we can find it.  It has helped us avoid possible disputes as we’re able to retrieve emails and files easily.  So, when I realised I was going to have a huge folder full of archive files, I thought it would be good to get them into 12d Synergy somehow, and make it accessible to everyone.” – Jeff Irving, Director, Clark Land Surveyors

Storing their archived files within 12d Synergy meant that the files would be indexed.  All of their files including current project data, and archived files could now be searched with the system’s powerful search function, staff would no longer need to spend time filtering through thousands of paper documents.

12d Synergy also provided CLS with piece of mind regarding disaster recovery.  Having all the files digitised and stored in one single space meant that the Clark Land Surveyors could conduct easy and secure backups of all their data, both off-site and on-site.

“The decision was a no brainer, once we saw that there was a cost-effective way to do the capture. Getting it all into 12d Synergy has been the icing on the cake, it has transformed our efficiency and compliance. You can throw any file you like at 12d Synergy and it just handles it seamlessly.” – Jeff Irving, Director – Clark Land Surveyors

The staff at Clark Land Surveyors like many other members of the industry have a rock-solid data and document management solution.  They have set the groundwork for a near paperless future, saving them time and money.

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