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8 Ways Remote Workers Can Outperform Office Workers

8 Ways Remote Workers Can Outperform Office Workers Another early morning. Startled, the relentless drone of your alarm drags you out of bed- again. How you hate that sound. It’s still dark outside. After pouring yourself a coffee still half asleep you fumble at the TV remote. On the third try you finally press the power… Read more »

WestConnex and Worksharing

WestConnex, 12d Synergy

Aurecon faced a busy 2016 with various major projects in the pipeline including Sydney’s WestConnex. The Aurecon – Jacobs joint venture adopted 12d Synergy as a project collaboration and worksharing solution, which enabled them to leverage their skills and talents from various locations around the world; Ed Wilson explains.

How to solve the worksharing problems of managing multiple AEC offices

How to solve the logistical problems of managing multiple AEC offices Are you pulling your hair out? Are you stressing over deadlines while you wait for that tediously long 15-minute file transfer to come through? You’re not alone. Distributed environments lead to large data sets being regularly transferred between offices. This results in frustratingly slow… Read more »

5 reasons you need a centralised data management system

5 reasons you need a centralised data management system 1. Data Integrity. Worksharing and collaborating between different offices is inevitable.  As one office exceeds capacity, specialist skills from other offices will be required.  Without a centralised system, businesses often experience issues such as: •  Duplicate data as files are copied and shared. •  Corrupt data… Read more »

9 things you need from your Data Management Software

9 Things You Need From Your Data Management Software When considering data and document management software (DMS) for your Engineering Consultancy or Surveying Firm, it’s important to have a clear idea on what you need from your DMS.  Different data management software packages have a range of different features, and are tailored to achieve different… Read more »

Flexible Working for Civil Designers & Drafters

How To Embrace The Flexible Working Environment Unchain yourself from your desk! We are in the midst of an infrastructure boom. We are seeing pressures on consultancies mount as they attempt to meet the demand. As more projects are awarded, Civil Designers and Drafters are taking on larger workloads, which means longer hours stuck in… Read more »

How to Embrace the Flexible Working Environment

How to Embrace the Flexible Working Environment Stuck in the office working overtime? It Doesn’t have to be this way Nobody wants to be chained to their desk for hours into the night or over weekends. But that’s the reality for so many of us. People are spending more and more time in the office… Read more »

Stuck in the office struggling to meet a deadline?

Flexible Working systems for the Civil Engineering industry has traditionally made things more complex. Now there are a range of solutions to help you. Is it time you looked into resolving this issue?

Aurecon: Worksharing with 12d Synergy

Worksharing on the WestConnex Aurecon faced a busy 2016 with a range of projects in the pipeline which included the Airport East Precinct and WestConnex projects. Aurecon required a data management and worksharing solution, which proved to be very important on these projects, particularly the WestConnex project. The Aurecon – Jacobs joint venture were working… Read more »

GPR: Working with Remote Access Ability

Land Development Engineering consultancy, GPR Consulting, has adopted a flexible working system by migrating project data to the 12d Synergy software platform.
Being a smaller company GPR are always on the look out to improve their systems to differentiate themselves from the much larger companies they compete with. As their workloads GPR wanted to improve their workflows as their current systems were reducing productivity, particularly when staff were working from home. Having given up on the slow transfer speeds of a VPN and realising the headaches caused by duplicating files, GPR turned to 12d Synergy to provide them with a system to better manage their data and improve their flexibility.