12d Synergy Collaboration – 12d Synergy 101 Training Series – Part 4

by | Oct 23, 2019

This is the fourth article in our six-part training series that will quickly transform you from an average Joe into a 12d Synergy pro! Join Tim Brooks – a civil designer with 21 years’ experience – as he walks you through easy-to-follow videos on the fundamentals of 12d Synergy.

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After completing part 4, you’ll become the office collaboration guru. Efficient collaboration is integral to bringing together the many shifting parts of every architectural, engineering and construction project. 12d Synergy offers a range of features to help you optimise your collaboration and work more productively.

Watch: 12d Synergy Training Series – Video 4 – Client Collaboration

Collaborating with Your Team in 12d Synergy

Setting Workflows through Tasks (0:19)

Your Task List is like a shopping list of work that needs to get done (but with better handwriting). You can find your Task List directly underneath your job in the job tree.

Tasks can be created simply by clicking on the New icon on the ribbon bar. This will open a panel allowing you to personalise your task. You can distinguish your tasks via the colour, priority and type (such as a generic or a quality review task ‘type’).

You can also make sure you or your team stay on top of your task by adding Dependencies (making a task dependent on another task), setting Reminders and adding CC’s (to let others know a task has been set).

Organising your Team (13:17)

The Team feature is like your program at a football game – telling you who is playing and in which position. Teams align staff members to their role, for example – Project Manager: Joe Bloggs.

Teams can be used in collaboration with your task list. Instead of using a contact name to assign a task, you can assign it to a role. This enables efficiency if team members switch roles or leave the project.

Communicating with Forums (14:45)

Forums are the ideal way for users to communicate with one another regarding a specific job. They’re like (hopefully civilised!) online comment sections. A job can contain multiple forums, broken down in terms of user defined categories and topics. To add a Category or Topic, simply click on the Add Category/Topic icon in the ribbon bar.


Once you’ve posted, you can notify team members of your posts by clicking the Notify icon in the ribbon bar. You can also ‘watch’ your post for replies by ticking the check box above the post. This will notify you of any replies.

Adding Information with Notes (20:19)

12d Synergy Notes are the online versions of the little yellow sticky notes you place around your desk. Notes are available at job, task, folder and file levels and stay with items even if they move. They can be used for any additional information, ideas and reviews. You can find a Notes tab when displaying any of those items.

You also have the option to notify team members of your note (this option will be prompted once you’ve completed your note).

Setting Reminders through Notifications (22:33)

Notifications are like that supportive friend who constantly keeps you updated. Notifications are sent out as emails in 12d Synergy and enable you to keep an eye on different folder and file updates.

You can set notifications for both yourself and others. To set notifications for yourself, find the notification tab when displaying the item or right click the item and find notifications in Other. To be that supportive friend and set notifications for others, simply tag (@) their name when submitting a change description. For example, “@Joe Bloggs”.

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