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What Is Computer-Aided Design (CAD)? Everything You Need to Know

What Is Computer-Aided Design (CAD)? Everything You Need to Know Computer-aided design (CAD) refers to the use of computer software to aid in the creation, modification, analysis, testing or optimisation of a design. These designs can be either two-dimensional (2D) drawings or three-dimensional (3D) models, depending on the application. Who Uses Cad? What Is It… Read more »

Simplify Your CAD Management

Simplify Your CAD Management Get ready, drafters, to enjoy the full benefit (and more!) of 12d Synergy for all your data! 12d Synergy gives you a smarter way to manage the huge volume of drawings, Xrefs and data that you create and collaborate on. 12d Synergy 4’s all-new powerfully intuitive CAD management features make managing… Read more »

WestConnex and Worksharing

WestConnex, 12d Synergy

Aurecon faced a busy 2016 with various major projects in the pipeline including Sydney’s WestConnex. The Aurecon – Jacobs joint venture adopted 12d Synergy as a project collaboration and worksharing solution, which enabled them to leverage their skills and talents from various locations around the world; Ed Wilson explains.