Abtrac 12d Synergy Connector

by | Oct 24, 2017

12d Synergy Connectors

Connectors allow you to integrate 12d Synergy with other software packages in your organisation.  For ease of implementation the 12d Synergy development team have written a range of connector integrations for popular software packages such as:

Watch: Abtrac and 12d Synergy…a world of possibilities! – Industry Solutions Webinar Series

In this webinar, Abtrac CEO Edward O’Leary takes you through the Abtrac time management and invoicing software, which has a Connector in 12d Synergy. The Connector API allows you to connect 12d Synergy to Abtrac to synchronise data from Abtrac to 12d Synergy. Connectors automatically import information stored in other products – preventing double entry, saving time and reducing errors. A wide range of data can be imported from Abtrac to 12d Synergy including jobs, tasks (AKA stages or phases), files, folders, client and supplier companies, contacts, staff, notes and custom fields.


Abtrac is a cloud based time management and invoicing package for professional services firms.  It pulls together clients, jobs, contacts, Employees and other third parties.

The system is all about project planning and management.  Abtrac provides a range of features for managing projects and stages, fees, times, dates, disbursements, sub-consultant’s time, reporting and invoicing.

Watch the video above for an overview

Abtrac – 12d Synergy Connector

12d Synergy’s Abtrac connector runs in the background of 12d Synergy.  The connector regularly syncs data back from your Abtrac account to 12d Synergy.  This allows for the automatic update of key project and job information to be pushed through to the document management system.  This removes the need for double entry of information and reduces the risk of human error.

The connector syncs information such as Jobs, Tasks, Clients, Contacts, Staff and other custom fields from Abtrac.  It essentially allows you to manage your projects, clients and time in Abtrac while taking action on the related tasks in 12d Synergy.

New jobs entered into Abtrac can also trigger the set-up of a new job in 12d Synergy.  Using 12d Synergy’s templates, jobs can be automatically built with folder structures, collaborative tools, roles, tasks, client information and naming and filing rules already set, this is all triggered by a new job being entered into Abtrac.

Imagine the time saved in administration when your new job is set up waiting for you with your complete folder structure; from administration, engineering, CAD (including CAD, 12d Model and Tuflow folders), and correspondence and your staff roles all ready to go.

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