What is a Document Management System (DMS)?

What is a Document Management System (DMS)?

Document Management, also known as a DMS or Document Management System, are computer software systems which are designed to store, track and manage documents and information in an electronic form.  DMS systems are essentially an electronic filing cabinet for all of your data and documents.

Document Management Systems provide organisations with a central source of information.  In this way users avoid duplicate entries and can ensure that they are always working with the latest version.

Document management systems commonly provide storage, metadata, task management & workflows as well as indexing and search capabilities.

Version Control

Version control ensures users are using the right version of a document.  12d Synergy provides a check-in, check-out system to ensure that users can’t make the error of opening, editing or transmitting the wrong document.

12d Synergy will keep a detailed log of:

  • • Who changed the data.
  • • When it was changed.
  • • Why it was changed.
  • • And any other information that you define to help track your documents and data.

Task Management

Document Management Systems sometimes offer organisations to define and assign tasks to roles or individuals.  In 12d Synergy tasks can be used to track project progress.

You can see a list of all active tasks in a job, as well as your currently-active or outstanding tasks, as well as task assigned to the user.  12d Synergy has a reporting engine that allows greater filtering.  This is a great tool not just for the users but also project managers, who will be able to drill down through the details of the project to get a real time view of tits progress.

Search Capabilities

One of the most important features of a document management system is the ability to search for files.  DMS software packages index the files which are stored within them to provide users with a fast, easy to use search function.

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