Webinar: Managing Emails With 12d Synergy

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Managing your Emails with 12d Synergy

Let's look into the importance of managing emails. They are official business documents, we can show you how to efficiently manage email correspondence and improve customer service.

This webinar discusses the benefits of managing emails within a business.
Lincoln and Lisa discuss issues such as:

  • –  Email in the workplace.
  • –  Email in business and law.
  • –  The risks and costs of drawn out disputes.
  • –  Time wasted in email search.
  • –  The growing need to manage email.
  • –  Current industry practices.

We want to help speed up any dispute resolution, increase the efficiency of accessing and managing emails and related files, resulting in you providing better customer service.
Lincoln also shows you how 12d Synergy’s email management feature can help you achieve these results.

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