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by | Sep 28, 2017

This 12d Synergy Tutorial explains how the 12d Synergy Outlook plug in can manage your email and attachments. 12d Synergy treats emails as files and can be stamped for automatic filing, in the case of multiple users receiving emails, or being copied into the message, 12d Synergy can recognise this and will only upload the email once, this avoids any duplicated files being saved.

Automated email management features are offered to all 12d Synergy users and is compatible with Microsoft outlook 2010 or later.  Managing you emails with 12d Synergy means that all of your emails are tracked in a central location and the speed and power of 12d Synergy searching can be applied.

Why would you require an email management system?  What if a client contacted you disputing information you had sent them? How could you prove that you had sent it? Can you easily locate the email? If you can’t locate the email, what is to say your client couldn’t manipulate the content to suit their claims?

Watch the video below for a tutorial on utilising the Outlook Email plug in to manage your Emails;

Feature: Email Management, Why do you require an email management system in your workplace?

A client contacts you disputing information you’ve sent

What do you do?

Hi Client,
I recall sending this information to you during the project.

Okay, when exactly did you send that? I don’t recall receiving anything.

(At this point you’re probably thinking about how many email’s you’ve sent during that job, how many emails you sent regarding other jobs since then, time to start flicking through old emails).

You may well have sent that email, they may have deleted it accidentally or deliberately.  They may have lost the email in what seems to be an endless stream of correspondence.  They may have manipulated the content of said email in a bid to dispute your claims, quotes or actions.

How can you dispute their claim?

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