12d Synergy: Our Eight Year Journey and Beyond

by | Dec 8, 2019 | Company News

In 2019, we hit the roads of Australia to launch our Taking Your Business Mobile  roadshow. Due to the awesome success of each stop, we’re adapting the articles from our official roadshow magazine into blog posts like these. Enjoy! Want to check out the other magazine articles? You can request a free digital PDF of the entire magazine here.

Where It All Started

At 12d Synergy, we believe there’s a smarter way to get work done. A more collaborative, less chaotic way where great work happens without sacrificing work-life balance. Where projects are done without guesswork, rework and risk. We’re incredibly driven by this mission of transforming lives through software.

12d Synergy was born in 2011 to help SCIRT and the Christchurch community rebuild after the devastating earthquakes. It was here that we discovered a gap in the industry, and we quickly became obsessed by it. We realised that how we work and the data we create have fundamentally changed, but the systems we use haven’t.

These systems were either too generic for our specialised industry or too complex and expensive. So we built 12d Synergy to become the sweet spot between this: a solution that was powerful for the industry, yet also easy to use and affordable.

Today, 12d Synergy has grown into an enterprise data management and project collaboration system for the architectural, engineering and construction industry. 12d Synergy helps over 5,500 users across 100 businesses in Australia and New Zealand work with their data smarter – a 14-fold increase in the past four years.

With this growth, we’ve decided to become our own company operating alongside 12d Solutions – say hello to 12d Synergy Pty Ltd! This change enables 12d Synergy to focus on the broader document management market. We can invest more resources creating an even better product and team to support your business’ own growth and success.

12d Synergy - Social Media We now have our own dedicated 12d Synergy social media channels. Follow us on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn for your daily dose of awesome free content: webinars, customer stories, blogs, eBooks – and of course, top shelf memes.

The Growing Team

The 12d Synergy team has also grown from just six staff four years ago to a team of 20 (and counting) today. With this growth we’ve outgrown the 12d Ranch and moved into a brand-new office in Frenchs Forest on Sydney’s beautiful Northern Beaches. Did somebody say ‘house-warming party’?!

At the heart of 12d Synergy is a young and vibrant, positivity-driven culture. We’re a fun, supportive and family-friendly company. The highlights of the team calendar include ‘Friday drinks’, ‘Cake Day’ (why wouldn’t you?) and ‘Lunch and Learn’ sessions (pizza included – of course).

Led by Joel and Richard, 12d Synergy has assembled a dynamic and driven team that would give the Avengers a run for their money.

• Our talented development team, who bring every awesome feature of 12d Synergy to life: Art, Andrew Johnson, Andrew Ellis, Nilanka, and Manoj.

• 12d Synergy’s friendly support team who will fix any issue at the drop of a coin: Sean, Giovanni, Florence, Will and Jatin.

• Our down to earth sales team – Lincoln and Mitch – always keen on talking anything cricket (Mitch) or basketball (Lincoln).

• 12d Synergy’s marketing team – Shane, Dan, Adam and Greg – some say these guys write awesome blog posts.

•  Our awesome people and culture advisor – Vic, who brings the team together and develops the unreal office culture.

12d Synergy becoming its own company marks an end of an era, but also opens the door for an incredibly bright and exciting future. We’ve got some wonderful features coming in Versions 4.3 and 5, and we’re chuffed to be able to share them with you at this roadshow.

We would like to extend our sincerest thanks to 12d Solutions, all our 12d Synergy users and the broader 12d community for your continued support as we spread our wings.  We’ll keep helping you do data smarter!

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