The Total Synergy Connector for 12d Synergy

by | Jul 19, 2018

Watch: 12d Synergy–Total Synergy: Your Complete AEC Business Solution – Industry Solutions Webinar Series

12d Synergy and Total Synergy is your complete business environment for the AEC industry. In this webinar video, we introduce you to the 12d Synergy-Total Synergy Connector. Dan Pooley from Total Synergy will guide you through an introduction to Synergy – a day in the life of a consulting design business; he takes you through:

  • What is Synergy? Pure cloud software designed for AEC professionals to manage the business of project delivery. It’s all about more time for design!
  • What a project looks like in Synergy
  • Project work breakdown structure — managing phases, stages and tasks
  • Project budgets — governing your work breakdown
  • Timesheets and invoices
  • Contacts
  • Intro to forecasting and resource planning (launching soon)
  • Summary of what else Synergy offers (such as email and document management, project portals, project communications, and more)
  • How to sign up for a free trial.

The Total Synergy Connector for 12d Synergy

More and more manual business processes are becoming streamlined by new software solutions. Architectural, engineering and construction organisations are riding this wave, chasing new efficiencies and competitive advantages. They have adopted a multitude of software products, including software for data management, project accounting, project tracking, time management, CRM, invoicing, job management – the list goes on and on.

These platforms simplified things. But with so much data to manage across all the platforms they created a range of new problems: conflicting data, double entry, lost information, human error, data everywhere.

Finding a Solution

These issues were occurring to our users between 12d Synergy and Total Synergy – there was an overlap of data inputs across the two platforms.

We listened and did something about it.

We reached out to Total Synergy, pitched the idea of integrating the products, and they loved it. The Total Synergy Connector for 12d Synergy was developed!

The Total Synergy Connector for 12d Synergy

12d Synergy’s Connector API allows you to connect 12d Synergy to your business’ other software products, creating a single source of truth across your systems.

This connector unifies your Total Synergy project information with 12d Synergy to eliminate time-consuming double entry, enhance data integrity and reduce human error. This streamlines data entry, saving you time, money and your sanity.

What Can You Achieve with the 12d Synergy – Total Synergy Connector?

The connector enables 12d Synergy to intuitively pull your project information across the platforms, including contacts, project details, project attributes and other custom fields.

This information can then be used to:

  • Generate 12d Synergy jobs, folder structures and associated tasks using your project information that has been automatically imported from Total Synergy.
  • Create a single source of truth for your project data: keep your 12d Synergy data up to date when your Total Synergy data is updated.
  • Have access to all your important data from anywhere with Total Synergy’s cloud application and 12d Synergy’s remote access capabilities.

Connecting 12d Synergy with Total Synergy provides architectural, engineering and construction offices with a complete business solution that is optimised for the industry.


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