12d Synergy – Total Synergy – Lets Clear the Air

by | Jul 6, 2018

Time and time again our 12d team are talking to clients about Synergy – and we begin to notice some confusion, well a lot actually…

Yes! There are two Synergys in the architecture, engineering and construction (AEC) space.  To add confusion to the matter both packages help you manage your business more efficiently.

On face value it can be easy for people to assume that these products are competitors.  The reality is they seek to achieve very different objectives and the two packages actually complement each other.

…so what’s the difference?

What is 12d Synergy?

12d Synergy is your complete geospatial data management tool for 12d Model, CAD and other products such as XP SWMM and TUFLOW (to name a few).  It’s also a rock-solid document control and management package with email management integration.

12d Synergy is all about streamlining your design and documentation practices. The system creates an efficient, collaborative environment for engineering, surveying, and architecture.

With a single source of truth and remote access, AEC businesses can leverage the system to workshare with team members from anywhere.  Whether you’re worksharing and collaborating with remotely based designers, both regionally and globally, or you’re providing connectivity to surveyors in the field. 12d Synergy’s Intelligent Data Transfer ensures that teams collaborate more efficiently than ever, no matter where they’re based.

One 12d Synergy client reported reducing project overheads by $40,000 on a 12-week project; due to improved network performance, optimised data transfers and reduced travel expenses thanks to an ability to work remotely.

Where 12d Synergy Stops, Total Synergy Excels

Synergy is cloud project management software developed for architecture, engineering and construction design professionals by Australian firm Total Synergy. They’ve been developing software for the AEC industry since 1999 and have over 15,000 users.

Synergy is pure cloud software that works on any web-enabled device. As long as you have an internet connection, web browser and your smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer, you can use Synergy wherever you are.

The software solves three key challenges for built environment design professionals: project management — including features and functions for projects, work breakdown structure with phases, stages and tasks, work-in-progress reports, document management, Outlook email plugin; collaboration — including communication, secure shared portal, transmittals, shared documents, document audit trail; and project accounting — including timesheets, invoices, budgets, accounting add-ons (Xero, QuickBooks Online and MYOB), rates and costs, and profitability reporting.

Synergy users say it gives them time back for billable project work, client relationships and business development. For example, one engineering practice principle saved 12 hours on invoicing alone in his first month, while an architectural practice director reported time savings of up to five hours per week with email filing.

The Total Synergy Connector for 12d Synergy

12d Synergy’s Lisa Stewart and Total Synergy’s Dan Pooley gave a comprehensive webinar covering everything you need to know about the Total Synergy Connector for 12d Synergy.
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