The Competitive Advantage of Mobility

by | Dec 6, 2019

In 2019, we hit the roads of Australia to launch our Taking Your Business Mobile  roadshow. Due to the awesome success of each stop, we’re adapting the articles from our official roadshow magazine into blog posts like these. Enjoy! Want to check out the other magazine articles? You can request a free digital PDF of the entire magazine here.

What’s more important to your business: boosting productivity or maximising employee well-being? It’s a tough question and normally you can’t pick both. For many, it’s a wild balancing act with more losers than winners.

The solution is mobility. It’s all about giving your team the freedom and flexibility to work and collaborate productively from anywhere – whether in the field, on the road or at home.

Mobility is more important than ever: employee expectations for flexibility are evolving and projects are getting bigger, and deadlines are becoming tighter.

Achieving mobility can be a major competitive advantage; making your business more agile, more robust and more productive all while enhancing employee happiness.

Mobile Working - 12d Synergy

Barriers to Mobility

Barriers to Mobility - 12d Synergy

But hold up! …There’s a problem. Our industry’s data is huge – beyond huge.

Mobility demands transferring and accessing data across offices, sites and even continents. But with generic systems, slow data transfers and inaccessible data makes this impossible. And so, staff become chained to their office desk, and welfare suffers.


Smashing Through the Barriers

Mobility Freedom - 12d Synergy

New systems have broken through these barriers, enabling rapid remote access to a controlled common data environment.

This gives staff the freedom to work productively from anywhere, with the safety of full version control.



The Benefits of Mobility for your Business

Mobility enables you to access data anytime, anywhere and from any device. It means a surveyor can take a photo on-site and upload directly from their phone, or a project manager can review a project’s progress straight from their tablet.

Global Talent Pool - 12d Synergy Mobility also allows your team to digitally collaborate by easily connecting you with your remote offices or international staff. No longer do they need to sacrifice their work-life balance to get great work time. Streamlining collaboration makes your business more productive and agile while minimising expensive fly-in fly-out and relocation travel.

But one of biggest benefits (and competitive advantages) of business mobility is simpler resourcing. Mobility enables you to utilise specialist skills and talents without expensive and disruptive relocations.

With this collaborative mobility, your talent pool is expanded. Anyone can be brought onto the job regardless of their location. You can hire without geographical restraint and build the strongest team possible.

Mobility increases your business’ output and your ability to hit deadlines as work can be shared between offices. This worksharing allows your business to win more work as projects won in busier regions can be done by quieter offices.

Worksharing also makes your business more robust to economic fluctuations as quieter offices can be supported with work from busier ones. This enables your business to retrain top talent in downturns.

Digital Worksharing - 12d Synergy

Mobility allows your business to create a flexible working environment, leveraging your business an employer of choice to attract top talent in our industry’s tight labour market. Flexible working also reduces staff burnout, and in turn, staff turnover rates.

Mobility is the answer to the tough questions of today: letting you improve productivity and grow your business, all the while maximising employee well-being.

Take Your Business Mobile 

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