Mobility Redefined: 12d Synergy 5 Sneak Peek

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Mobility Redefined: 12d Synergy 5 Sneak Peek

In 2019, we hit the roads of Australia to launch our Taking Your Business Mobile  roadshow. Due to the awesome success of each stop, we’re adapting the articles from our official roadshow magazine into blog posts like these. Enjoy! Want to check out the other magazine articles? You can request a free digital PDF of the entire magazine here.

12d Synergy 5 is all about maximising the mobility and accessibility of your data. 12d Synergy will be with you wherever you are, so you can easily connect with your data and get awesome work done without needing to be in the office.

12d Synergy 5

Web and Mobile: 12d Synergy Where?!

12d Synergy is going mobile to take your business mobile.

Stay connected anywhere, anytime: whether you’re on your phone, tablet, home computer or even a Mac (yes even Mac!). 12d Synergy 5’s new web app will redefine how your business accesses and works with 12d Synergy. It’s all your data at your fingertips (literally!).

Web and Mobile will bring an ease and convenience to everything you do with 12d Synergy. It’s maximum connectivity with minimal system requirements; all you need is a web browser and internet connection.

12d Synergy 5 will take your flexible working to the next level: you can review designs on your phone while you commute or upload photos on site from your tablet. You can finish off work from your home computer, or from another office (or country) altogether. How you work is more than ever up to you. 

Web and Mobile will also enable you to bring contractors and other third parties into your 12d Synergy system with personalised access. And you can do it without worrying about client installations and upgrades.12d Synergy - Worksharing

This enables management of your projects entirely within the one system, from design to construct. Creating a single source of truth across all your devices, teams and clients. You no longer need to collaborate across separate systems, with duplicate files and back and forth emails. Instead, you can all work within the one system with the same controlled workflows and standards.

12d Synergy Cloud

From the palm of your hands to the clouds, 12d Synergy 5 is taking your data management sky high.

12d Synergy always supported self-hosted cloud for users, but not everyone has the skills or resources to manage IT infrastructure. So now with 12d Synergy Cloud we can do it for you, freeing you to focus on your core business and allowing us to do what we do best: managing your data.

12d Synergy Cloud

Not a cloud business? No worries, 12d Synergy will always provide on-premise and self-hosted cloud solutions, so you can rest easy.

But why the cloud? Great question earthling.

Cloud gives your business scalability; you can easily scale up and down your systems for projects without lengthy implementations. 12d Synergy - Infrastructure Downsizing For project-specific cloud server may be easier than accessing your home server. Cloud also lets you downsize your infrastructure, saving valuable office space which can be repurposed for more staff.

We understand your business, your data and how you work – plus we know 12d Synergy better than anyone. We’ll take care of your infrastructure, including maintenance and backups. And in return, you’ll get our awesome personalised support, where you talk to humans, not bots.

You can also use hybrid cloud options, for example having your master server in the cloud and then file replication servers locally.

Interested to go cloud? Get in touch with your 12d Synergy account rep to discuss or contact!

12d Synergy 5 will be officially released at our 2020 12d Technical Forum in August of next year. To learn all about 12d Synergy 5, and get an exclusive run-down of every feature, join us and register now for early bird pricing!

Take Your Business Mobile 

Want to read more articles like these? Drive business growth and success through mobility with our 2019 roadshow magazine, Taking Your Business Mobile . 

It’s the perfect resource for you and your office. It summarises our entire roadshow with awesome bonus articles and 12d Synergy user stories.

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