12d Synergy Case Studies and Testimonials


Cardno.png YouTube – Cardno at 12d Conference
The need to improve existing QMS process to obtain an ISO 9001:2008 accreditation was the intial driver for Cardno’s New Zealand offices to adopt 12d Synergy.

Dion Mead provided an overview of Cardno’s implementation of 12d Synergy at the 12d Conference in 2014 which can be viewed on YouTube. Cardno passed the audit with flying colours and received their ISO accreditation, and continue to be strong users of the 12d Synergy system.
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Testimonial from Ben Brown (Senior Civil Designer):

"Prior to using 12d Synergy I worked on a project on the Sydney Office. When I returned to the Brisbane office to continue working on this project it would take between 30 – 40 minutes to open the same project across the corporate network. Due to the local caching technology in 12d Synergy, similar projects now open in around 1 – 2 minutes and I can now work from any office in the country or from home and I know my data will load quickly and I can make my edits without any delays. 12d Synergy saves me a lot of time every day."

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ESP.jpg Article – Survey Quarterly

YouTube – ESP at 12d Conference

Eliot Sinclair & Partners is well known in the New Zealand market as an early adopter of technology. Eliot Sinclair saw the benefits of implementing 12d Synergy in their business. Sam Cech presented at the 12d Conference in 2012, and again in 2014, to provide an overview of how 12d Synergy works for them.

To read more please download the ESP article which originally appeared in Surveying Quarterly. A PDF of the article can be downloaded from the link above.
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MainlandSurveying.png Article – Surveying Spatial
Interviewee: Scott Williams, Managing Director, Mainland Surveying

Why did you select 12d Synergy to support Mainland Surveying’s document management?
Scott Williams (SW): We discovered 12d Synergy when we were forming the company in 2013. We knew we had to implement a document management system, but hadn’t quite worked out what exactly we needed from it. After considering a variety of options, we evaluated a beta version of 12d Synergy. Even in its early days, it ticked all the boxes. The key thing was the centralised system. It was able to handle the heavy-duty software we use, including 12d Model, a multi-file piece of software through which we produce a lot of data related to topographical maps, plans, subdivisions and building and infrastructure development. It was also able to deal with email recording, something that I had experienced in previous businesses and considered critical.

How has 12d Synergy impacted the way Mainland operates?
SW: We’re a small dynamic business (currently a team of six) and an early adopter of technology and innovation. We use technology to maintain a strategic advantage against our competitors, many of which are much larger companies. 12d Synergy provides a central repository for our reference material, survey data and project documentation, all of which is integrated into the platform. Using 12d Synergy, all of the project information is captured in the one location. We can check our jobs in and out very easily, enabling a level of transparency across the business, and providing an insight into who is doing what and the status of each project. Having this information readily-available allows us to quickly respond to new client requests and action or update items accurately. Projects are no longer inhibited when someone is travelling, on leave, or attending back-to-back meetings as we can access the full job file with the latest information from anywhere. 12d Synergy has also instilled mobility into our operation. Before the implementation, we were forced to download files onto a portable hard drive and take that with us. We’d have to think about what we needed and wanted, then move those files back and forth between computers. There was the risk of losing the latest version and overwriting more recent files. Then there’s the time factor – 12d Model files can be quite large, so shifting those around jeopardised productivity.

What features do you find the most beneficial and why?
SW: The most beneficial feature, from a day-to-day perspective, has been the email recording link. Each day I receive up to 50 project related emails. 12d Synergy allows us to file those emails very quickly within project folders so they aren’t lost and are accessible to everyone working on the project. Once we’ve made that initial filing, all subsequent sent and received emails are automatically managed and categorised by the software. We’ve also experienced reduced pressure on our network since implementing 12d Synergy. It has freed up significant bandwidth. We run a cut down server, so as our business continues to expand, 12d Synergy will future-proof our network once the amount of data flowing through it increases.

As Mainland expands, how do you plan to expand your usage of 12d Synergy?
SW: The 12d Synergy platform is quite comprehensive and there are a number of functionalities of which we intend to take advantage. We’re eager to begin using the inhouse Dropbox-like function so that our clients can access and pick up selected large data files rather than having to wait for us to send them. We’re also starting to implement pre-populated templates, task management and the issue sets. What we’ve learned in our time using 12d Model is that 12d Solutions is constantly looking to maximise the value we receive from the solution, and similarly, they’ve closely guided us in our implementation of 12d Synergy to ensure we capitalise on all its features.

This article originally appeared in Surveying + Spatial magazine. A PDF of the article can be downloaded from the link above.

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GPR.png Article – Conduit Magazine
Land development and engineering consultancy GPR Consulting mobilised and empowered its workforce by migrating project data to the 12d Synergy software platform, giving employees real-time access to critical project files anytime, anywhere, and the ability to collaborate as a team.

Despite the quality of its services, GPR was constrained by a reliance on manual processes to track documentation and manage workflow, which reduced the productivity of its employees, particularly when working away from the office.

"As a relatively small operation it comes down to finding new and improved ways to deliver the best possible outcomes for our clients," said Geoff Pratt, General Manager, GPR Consulting. "That not only means better design, but being quick to respond to and deliver on customer requests."

"We did that by becoming more agile and proactive. However it was nearly impossible to access project data while away from the office. If I was at home, I’d have to use a virtual private network (VPN) and that was too slow to be useful." Due to the large amounts of data GPR uses – often in excess of two gigabytes per project – the VPN resulted in a poor response rate. Even a 10MB file would take several minutes to open, and then that much again to save.

"I tried to get around that the old fashioned way by copying projects onto my hard drive each day before I went home, working on them while at home, and then copying them back onto the server the next day," said Pratt. "That took up one hour per day, so it became less and less viable as our business grew. Another drawback was that I couldn’t easily ensure that the data on my hard drive was in synch with everyone else’s in the office."

With 12d Synergy, data and documents are cached on the local computer when first accessed. If there are no interim changes, 12d Synergy will work off the local copy of the data on the computer without having to download it again from the server; working off a local copy is faster and reduces the traffic between the computer and the server, resulting in a better user experience. 12d Synergy also ensures that users will always be working off the latest data.

To read more please download the GPR article which originally appeared in Conduit magazine. A PDF of the article can be downloaded from the link above.

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ESQ.png Case Study – ESQ
Civil engineering and project management consultancy, Engineering Solutions Queensland Pty Ltd (ESQ), has increased productivity by enabling team collaboration and providing a central data repository for project-related emails and design files using 12d Synergy.

12d Synergy is a data management and project collaboration software suite for the Architecture, Engineering and Construction (AEC) industries that solves the problems of document management and transmittals, task allocation and email tracking.

Established in 2013, ESQ formerly relied on manual processes to manage road design, earth works, drainage and infrastructure modelling projects. As its business expanded, the firm recognised the need for sharing and managing project related tasks, documents, email and data to avoid project bottlenecks.

"The team previously used their local computers to schedule and record their daily tasks, and this information was not shared," said Mal Peaker, Design Office Manager, ESQ.

"Because our Director manages most of the client liaison, a lot of important project data would sit in his inbox. That created an inefficient work system because no one would be notified of potential client or project changes unless they were copied on emails," he said.

With each project comprising numerous design, correspondence and data files – anything from drawings to task notes and communications – tracking the progress of jobs could no longer be accurately managed
without direct and timely access to up-to-date information.

"For example, when a client called chasing information on a project, we wouldn’t always know the details behind the request because we wouldn’t have the files needed to review or an effective way of retrieving the background information," Mr Peaker added. "Since we are such a young company, we were looking to get a data management system so we could keep up with new demands and peak workloads by collaborating throughout the lifecycle of every project."

Since migrating its projects and data library into 12d Synergy’s architecture, engineering and construction (AEC) data and project management software, ESQ has enabled a collaborative and file-sharing environment to provide its team of seven with the most up-to-date information.

Using 12d Synergy’s Outlook plug-in, ESQ has automated the filing of emails; emails are now attached directly to a job folder which all staff can view and action. ESQ has also introduced a formal documentation process with templates for fee and project proposals, as well as project
assessments. Document naming conventions are enforced by the system.

These capabilities are being supported by 12d Synergy’s over-arching revision and version control, which simplifies the process of backup and audit when changes need to be made to a job. This means ESQ can quickly roll back to previous versions of designs created with a geospatial platform, such as 12d Model (also developed by 12d Solutions)

"With a comprehensive data management and collaboration system in place, ESQ is in a position to expand its business with complete control of its project designs, documents and liaison," said Joel Gregory, General Manager, 12d Solutions.

"Mal and his team have future-proofed the organisation by building a collaborative environment that allows projects to be delivered on time regardless of the location of its designers," Mr Gregory added.
ESQ’s implementation has been backed by 12d Synergy’s renowned, locally-based support through which 12d Solutions’ technical team has provided ongoing guidance to maximise the value the software delivers.

This article originally appeared in Construction Engineering Australia magazine. A PDF of the article can be downloaded from the link above.

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Testimonial from Annette Sweeny (Principal Environmental Engineer):

"Adopting 12d Synergy has been a fantastic business management investment. Our decision to implement 12d Synergy followed a search for a flexible, reliable document management system which added value to our QA systems and enhanced our ability to deliver sustainable infrastructure solutions. Not only has Synergy delivered on these expectations, but it also lifted our team collaboration and work processes to the next level.

The support and service provided by 12d has been superb! The team worked proactively with us, took the time to understand our needs and identified and helped us implement opportunities to optimise our systems and processes."
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milton1.png Case Study – Milton Services
"12d Synergy has allowed me to take on projects that clients would otherwise need completed onsite that previously I wasn’t able to bid for. I can now prove that I have a reliable data management system off site, and win more work" – Paul Milton, Director, Milton Services

Paul was losing track of data, across CAD, 12d Model, Email, Word and Excel. These files were being stored between unorganised folders, in office storage and laptop hard drives.
"Accessing and understanding whether we were using the right version, particularly working on multiple jobs across multiple sites was a big problem for me" – Paul Milton, Milton Services
Paul could see the importance of a practise wide data and email management system, he engaged the services of Extra Dimension Solutions (EXDS) and Australian software company 12d Solutions. 12d Synergy enables Milton Services to intelligently manage their data files from a range of sources including: 12d Model, CAD, GIS and Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Outlook) software.
12d Synergy provides traceability of data and documents associated with projects. This not only provided piece of mind for Milton Services and their clients, it also meant that quality assurance processes could be fulfilled, and vital project data protected. 12d Synergy stores all versions of documents and data, eliminating risk of files being lost, deleted or misplaced.
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