How can 12d Synergy help me to achieve ISO19650 Certification?

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What is ISO19650?

ISO19650 is an international standard for managing information over the entire life cycle of a built asset using Building Information Modelling (BIM). ISO19650’s conception is recent and stems largely from the lessons and practices learnt from implementing the British BS 1192 and PAS 11192 standards within the UK and international construction industries.

ISO19650 exists in 6 parts, those being:

  • Concepts and Principles

  • Delivery phase of assets

  • Operational phase of assets

  • Information exchange

  • Security-minded approach to information management

  • Health and Safety

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Each part details processes, recommendations, or best practices for its respective topic. It was developed to outline the recommended collaborative processes for effective and efficient management of information, for assets within the built environment, such as buildings and infrastructure and its respective asset lifecycle.


“ISO 19650 is a unified approach and international standard for managing information effectively and efficiently over the whole life cycle of a build asset using BIM.” – Paul Shillcock, Operam.

In layman’s terms, ISO19650 ensures that the right people get the right information at the right time, ensuring that projects are delivered on time, within budget and to a recognised standard.

Want to find out more? Watch Paul Shillcock, Managing Director of Operam, author of ISO 19650-2 and co-author of PAS 1192-2 and PD 19650, as he provides an extensive overview of ISO 19650.

Here’s why ISO 19650 is important!

Consistency and Standardisation: ISO 19650 establishes a common framework and terminology for BIM processes. It ensures that all parties involved in a project, such as engineers, contractors, and owners, adopt a consistent approach to information management. This standardisation helps prevent confusion and reduces errors that can arise from miscommunication.

Efficient Collaboration: It is crucial when multiple stakeholders are at play! ISO 19650 defines specific procedures for sharing and exchanging information in a structured manner, promoting efficient communication between various parties, reducing delays, minimising rework, and enhancing overall project coordination.

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Improved Decision-Making: ISO 19650 demonstrates the importance of accurate and up-to-date information throughout the project life cycle. This ensures stakeholders can make informed decisions based on reliable data. ISO 19650 inspires data-driven decision-making, ensuring improved design, construction, and operation outcomes.

Data Integrity and Security: ISO 19650 prioritises the secure management of information, ensuring that sensitive project data is protected. It defines processes for data ownership, access controls, and information security, which is crucial in an age where data security is of the utmost importance.

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Lifecycle Perspective: ISO 19650 promotes a comprehensive view of the project life cycle. It ensures that information is managed throughout the entire operational phase of the asset. This long-term perspective assists owners and operators in effectively managing and maintaining the built asset over its entire life span.

Reduced Costs and Waste: The implementation of ISO 19650 can lead to cost savings and decreased material waste through improved collaboration and reduced errors. ISO 19650 ensures accurate information and streamlined processes, which can result in more efficient resource allocation and construction practices.

Global Consistency: ISO 19650 provides a consistent approach to BIM information management that can be implemented globally. This is particularly beneficial for multinational construction projects or projects involving international stakeholders.

ISO 19650 is crucial as it establishes a structured framework for the effective management of information within the BIM process. This leads to improved collaboration, decision-making, data integrity, and overall project efficiency, ultimately benefiting all stakeholders involved in the construction and operation of built assets.

How does 12d Synergy help me to achieve ISO19650 compliance?

With a powerful suite of features that can be tailored to suit the requirements of ISO 19650. 12d Synergy offers your projects streamlined document management, efficient data sharing, and collaboration, while ensuring impeccable information exchange and robust data security. Dive into a world where data classification and metadata organisation can seamlessly align with ISO 19650 standards, and where audit trails and process management ensure transparency and accountability throughout your project lifecycle. Discover how controlled sharing, version control, change management, and more, foster successful collaboration among stakeholders and drive your projects toward excellence. Let’s explore how 12d Synergy’s capabilities pave the way for a compliant and efficient project environment.  

“At the end of the day, standards are important. Imagine if we didn’t have the highway code and everyone just drove how they wanted, like on whichever side of the road – it’d be carnage! And the same is true when we produce information.” – Paul Shillcock, Operam.

  1. Document Management: 12d Synergy serves as a Common Data Environment (CDE) for project data. It can enforce consistent file naming conventions for easy identification and categorisation. The system includes version control to update documents while maintaining a revision history. This ensures changes are tracked and the latest version is accessible. Access permissions can also be set based on team roles, enhancing data security.
  2. Data Sharing and Collaboration: Facilitating collaboration, 12d Synergy enables users to Leave notes and notifications on data, which can be addressed in real-time. Various user options and permissions maintain security. The system also provides the ability to share read-only data with external stakeholders, through collaborator licences. Permissions for users can be defined down to who can access, view, and edit data.
  3. Information Exchange: 12d Synergy supports structured information exchange by facilitating BIM standards like IFC, ensuring seamless data interchange between different tools.


  1. Data Classification and Metadata: 12d Synergy aids organisations by allowing metadata such as project phase, discipline, and authorship, to be attached to data. Making it easier to locate and understand information context.
  2. Audit Trails and Records: Ensuring transparency, the software automatically logs versions of data when actions taken within them. These versions can be used to create an audit trail for compliance, while maintaining a comprehensive history.
  3. Information Security: Robust security measures include access controls for authorised data access and modification. Data encryption during transmission and storage prevents unauthorised access. Strong user authentication methods, like multi-factor authentication, can be enabled for user identity verification.
  1. Process Management: 12d Synergy supports ISO 19650-compliant processes through workflow automation, streamlining review, approvals, and information sharing. Tasks and responsibilities can be assigned, tracked, and managed within the system, assisting in ISO 1960 compliance throughout the project’s lifecycle.
  2. Change Management: 12d Synergy documents and tracks changes, ensuring modifications are traceable and accountable. Version comparison tools allow stakeholders to understand document changes and improvements.

Providing a range of tailored features that can be aligned with ISO 19650 requirements, 12d Synergy helps to ensure efficient document management, secure data sharing, and seamless collaboration. 12d Synergy simplifies driving your projects toward an efficient, accountable, and high-quality outcome.


“A CDE is the enabling technology that support the collaborative production of information. This is important to know because it plays a big role in managing different types of information. We expect it to become the norm in the next few years, a CDE on a project level.” – Paul Shillcock, Operam.

Looking to find out more about how can assist you in achieving ISO 19650 compliance? Download your copy of The Ultimate Guide to ISO 19650.

If you’re living in a data transfer nightmare, we invite you to wake up to smart, efficient, and secure data management and contact 12d Synergy today.
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