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Intelligent Data Transfer

12d Synergy’s Intelligent Data Transfer reduces your project data by 91%, increasing network speed and reducing bandwidth requirements.

What is worksharing?

Worksharing and Collaborating

Worksharing is the process which enables multiple team members in a design office, or across multiple offices and locations to collaborate on projects.

Worksharing; File Replication Server (FRS)

File Replication Server Routing Map

A Multi-office Worksharing and Collaboration solution.
The FRS is really ideal for sites with popular data sets that are being used by many users at different sites. So rather than making them all wait for it to be downloaded the first time they open it, you can push it out to that local network to make it much faster.

Data Management: Toowoomba Second Range Crossing

Data Management and Collaboration on the Toowoomba Second Range Crossing

Over 35 advanced data management users on 12d Synergy have used the software to manage 12d Model, and GIS information, Autodesk Navisworks and Civil3D and XP SWMM. In the project 6 main folders have been set to work with these file types. Another 85 users are using 12d Synergy to manage their emails.