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Data Management for Small Consultants

Email Management

Data Management for Small Consultants 12d Synergy has enabled small to medium sized consultancies to improve productivity by better managing project data from 12d Model, CAD, GIS and Microsoft office files, including email correspondence.  Having the ability to version control all project data, while seamlessly integrating with WorkflowMax project management and Xero accounting software, means… Read more »

Mainland Surveying’s Competitive Advantage

Mainland Surveying

Mainland Surveying needed a system that could centralise their data and files and handle the complexities that comes with geospatial software.
They were impressed that 12d Synergy was able to handle the heavy-duty software they use, including 12d Model, a multi-file piece of software which they produce a lot of data related to topographical maps, plans, subdivisions and buildings and infrastructure development.

Data Management: Toowoomba Second Range Crossing

Data Management and Collaboration on the Toowoomba Second Range Crossing

Over 35 advanced data management users on 12d Synergy have used the software to manage 12d Model, and GIS information, Autodesk Navisworks and Civil3D and XP SWMM. In the project 6 main folders have been set to work with these file types. Another 85 users are using 12d Synergy to manage their emails.