12d Synergy for enterprise…

Is your business data at risk?

As an enterprise level business you already know the importance of a backup solution in case of hard drive failure or fire. But what about human error?

Don’t leave yourself exposed, protect your business from human error by letting 12d Synergy do all the hard work of managing your priceless data.

12d Synergy Overview Video

Human error is the leading cause of data loss.

However many engineering, architecture and construction businesses are still relying on manual methods and windows shared drives to manage important geospatial project files such as 12d Model, TUFLOW and AutoCAD. One slip by a single employee can cause significant and costly disruption to your business. 

EMC Global Data Protection Index published in December 2014 found:

  • Data loss and downtime costs Australian enterprises $67 billion per year
  • 64% of enterprises surveyed experienced data loss or downtime in the last 12 months.
  • The average business experienced more than three working days (27 hours) of unexpected downtime in the last 12 months.
  • 54% of enterprises saw disruptions cause a loss of employee productivity
  • 44% experienced a loss of revenue due to data loss

Some key features of 12d Synergy for enterprise…

A single, secure source of truth for your priceless data

Never worry about misplaced, accidentally deleted, incorrect and outdated data again with rock solid version control, full audit trails and speedy search.

Reduce human error

Human error is the leading cause of data loss in Australian small business. Use 12d Synergy’s attributes and workflow controls to make sure proper data management practices are maintained

Say goodbye to overloaded networks

No more overloaded networks or network lag when working with large Geospatial data files like 12d Model with our bandwidth sipping incremental update technology.

No more confusing file names & folders

Prevent haphazard data structures and naming conventions with customised project based workflow controls and project templates based on how your business works.

Easy access control

Granular control over who can access your precious data. Grant editing and reading rights only when needed based on users, job role, custom groups or Active Directory security groups/permissions.

Cloud Ready

12d Synergy can be hosted in-house with the physical security of your own network or with the convenience of your Amazon cloud, giving you a turnkey data management solution whatever your needs.

12d Synergy is perfectly suited to a wide variety of industry applications…

Small Business

Time in small business is precious. Let 12d Synergy manage your data, documents and projects with ease so you can get back to what you do best. Small Business Applications >


Larger engineering and design organisations benefit greatly from reduced network load and engineering integrations. Enterprise Applications >


Manage your data and reduce network overload with the only data management system to work with folder based software like 12d Model and TuFlow. Government Applications >