It’s Almost Here! 12d Synergy 4 is Bursting with Features

by | Apr 18, 2018

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We caught up with 12d Synergy Technical Lead Richard Stoliar, who talked about the new features in 12d Synergy 4 – including CAD Management, the Workflow Engine, and Spatial Search!

It’s Almost Here! 12d Synergy 4 is Bursting with Features

12d Synergy is about to get even more powerful. More useful. More nimble. More of the stuff you have been asking for (and even some surprise features you haven’t asked for!).

Version 4 is bursting with an army of new and exciting features, designed to make your life just a little bit easier- well a lot actually.

Richard Stoliar, 12d Synergy’s Technical Lead, is very pleased with what he and his team has created, stating that:

Version 4 is our best and fastest version yet. The development team has been hard at work not just working on the features our clients felt were missing, but improving and speeding up the product. I’m really excited for our clients to get their hands on it and see what it can offer them.”

Richard has 6 years of experience as 12d Synergy’s Technical Lead and is the guru when it comes to all things 12d Synergy.

Version 4 will launch alongside 12d Model 14 at the 12d Solutions 2018 Technical Forum held at the Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre this July- which you should definitely register for!

Synergy’s relentless customer focus is furthered with Richard highlighting that:

We’ve really focused on usability – the system needs to be intuitive and easy to use.

“We really do have some great new features in V4. The CAD integration (with AutoCAD, BricsCAD and Civil 3D) is particularly exciting, because it really means the CAD users can really start to enjoy all the benefits of 12d Synergy. The workflow system is a personal favourite and I’m really looking forward to seeing how our users can implement and automate their business processes. The spatial elements, as well, have not just a great look and feel to them, but they really brings much needed context to the data – it’s not just about the data anymore, but how it fits in to the world around you.”

Some of the other exciting brand-new Synergy v4 features include:

  • Even better 12d Model management with new 12d Model templates, new cached customisation mode, offline projects.
  • Investigate why users do- or do not- have access to certain files and folders with 12d Synergy’s new permissions explainer tool.
  • Even greater email management with bulk email loading for new users and templates for standard emails.
  • Manage your drawings within 12d Synergy using the brand-new drawing register feature.
  • A better experience with heaps of user interface tweaks. Faster loading times when browsing your job tree. Mapping and Spatial Search. Data transfer progress bar. Naming rules.
  • And much, much more.

So, what do these new features mean for you?

Richard explains:

“The new features are all about making it easier for AEC businesses to go about their day to day work from one end of the business to the other. So this is all about taking away the headache of managing large data sets in or out of the office, making sure that critical processes are followed, and getting new staff up and running on the system quickly. Ultimately this is going to mean our customers can find, track and access their data faster, which boils down to saving them time and money.”

Get V4 Ready

Don’t miss this opportunity to plan for the new capabilities and get a head start. Make sure you register now to reserve your spot in 12d Synergy’s free 1-hour version 4 sneak preview webinar.

Industry Solutions Webinar: What’s Coming in 12d Synergy 4

Wednesday, 2nd May, 1:00pm AEST
Cost: FREE
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