12d Innovation Awards 2021

by | Nov 18, 2021 | Blog, Company News

On Day 2 of our virtual 12d Tech Forum 2021, our international 12d Innovation Awards returned with a bang!

Since 2012, these Awards have allowed us to celebrate the ground-breaking work and extraordinary achievements of the global 12d Community. Like past events, there were 12 award categories and with our judging panel – Managing Director of 12d Solutions Lee Gregory & Managing Director of EXDS Tony Ingold, winners were chosen from a record number of entries. We were overwhelmed with the number of outstanding entries this year, all competing for a record prize pool of $18,000. 

The Overall Winner received A$2,000, a further A$1,000 in 12d training, a full package to the 12d Tech Forum 2023 and a coveted 12d trophy.

Category Winners each received A$500, an additional A$500 in 12d training, a full package to the 12d Tech Forum 2023, and a 12d trophy.

Check out our website for more information on the Awards: https://12dtechforum.com/Innovation-Awards


Watch Joel Gregory (CEO of 12d Synergy) announce the winners for all award categories at the 12d Innovation Awards 2021:


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Award Category Winners

 Highly Commended

Small Business

David Healy from Orion Consulting. 

David developed an external program to transform coloured 3D faces from 12d Model into image PNG files. This greatly enhanced program performance particularly due to his work with large areas for flood modelling. The final images can be used in 12d, resulting in 10x smaller and 10x faster RAW 3D faces. Very impressive!


Medium Business

Hamish McRae from Lynton Surveys. 

Hamish developed a custom inquire style that combines spatial information and relevant attributes, by displaying them all in one panel. Making it considerably easier for operators to check their work and for managers to review their techniques and work practices. Great work Hamish!


Large Business

Kelly Yi & Richard Trail from WSP. 

Seb Woodland from GHD. 

Kelly & Richard have utilised Microsoft Power BI’s data analysis tool with network data exported from 12d Model, to automatically check and verify the design of stormwater drainage networks. Results are brought back into 12d Model, and the colours of the pits & pipes are changed based on the results; largely automating the design checking process. Congrats to Kelly and Richard!

Seb converted 12d Model super tins into regular tins so that they can be shared with external software packages that cannot load super tins. His macro includes an algorithm that changes those vertical states and slopes into extremely steep slopes, negating the conflict. Awesome work, Seb!



Reza Zolfagharzadeh from Brisbane City Council. 

Reza has developed a tool that allows him to combine the power and flexibility of 12d Field with a compact and lightweight external keypad connected to a tablet via Bluetooth. The keypad buttons can be assigned to different tasks using the userkey.4d file in 12d Model. This tool really transformed the use of 12d Field in an innovative way. This was amazing Reza!


Peter Zimmerle from Harrison Infrastructure Group. 

Peter developed a tool that takes the results produced by OS Roads to generate MTF files. OS Roads is a design tool provided by TMR in Queensland, which determines the operating speed of a proposed road. The results however are not linked to the original model or any drawings. The MTF files generated by Peter’s tool are used to create strings to check OS Roads results. Ultimately slashing the time taken to assess design options. Incredible, Peter!



Brett Hussey, Michael Huan & Pat Cavanagh from the JV of Aurecon, Arcadis, CPB Contractors, and Acciona. 

The team created workflows that allowed stormwater drainage to be designed and analysed for the final configuration of the Western Sydney Airport. They are then checked against the three intermediate development stages. The workflows allowed earthworks, design options, and stormwater design changes to be investigated and resulting implications assessed quickly. Astounding work by the entire team!


Survey & Construction

Sam Cech from Tatras Consulting & Mark Finlayson from Envivo. 

Sam and Mark developed a workflow and a custom macro to turn as-built survey data of underground utilities into 3D objects – both chambers and conduits. From this, entire underground systems can be quickly modelled and are attribute rich. The tools help to verify the as-built data and to ensure the correct quality levels are assigned to each entity. Truly innovative work to both Sam and Mark!



Allan Walker & Josh Allison from SMEC. 

Allan developed a process used to create a federated model where multiple designers from different disciplines share and collaborate on large data sets, using both 12d Model and 12d Synergy. Josh created a macro that takes plots of cross sections on the 3D perspective view of the road and combines them, giving a new perspective view in the right place along the road. Great job guys!


12d Synergy

Andrew Langdon & Glenn Brosnan from Premise. 

The team at Premise have developed a full CAD workflow inside, all inside of 12d Synergy. The drawings produced by the company are collaborated across 11 different Australian offices as well as one office overseas. Premise have reported saving A$240,000 annually because of improved collaboration and reduced FIFO. Congratulations Premise!


Banishing the Drafting Demon

Grant Waandel from Southern Land Development Consultants. 

Grant utilised the full gambit of 12d Model and 12d Synergy tools to automate design and drawing production for a residential sub-division project in Wanaka, New Zealand. Grant achieved this all while working remotely from the Czech Republic and also while in full lockdown in New Zealand. Well done to Grant!


BIM & Visualisation

Niall Brady from Digitise Consulting. 

Niall created a prototype design that achieved the digital engineering requirements set by TfNSW, using a range of tools from 12d Model. The key to his success was to set up a system for each asset type so that the required attributes can be easily assigned with minimum user input. This was remarkable Niall!


Overall Winner

The Overall Winner is chosen from the pool of winners from all the Award categories.

The winner for this, this year is Sam Cech from Tatras Consulting and Dan Ripley from Acciona.

Acciona are currently doing a lot of earthworks for the Western Sydney Airport project, making it an enormous-scaled job. Quality control of the earthworks are monitored by conformance surveys and by adding attributes to the points collected. The attributes are used to generate a graphical indication of quality at each layer. This is viewed in 3D perspective to make the quality of the work quickly accessible to the entire team. Innovation for this entry was demonstrated by coming up with the concept and by the clever techniques used in programming so that the size of the database didn’t cripple 12d Model. Furthermore, finding enough skilled 12d surveyors for the project has been impossible. So, Sam and Dan have come up with macros in 12d to establish a consistent GUI and straightforward workflows that surveyors with only basic knowledge of 12d, could complete their surveys. Innovative and inspiring work by Sam and Dan!

Congratulations to all the winners! 


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