Getting Up to Speed With 12d Synergy 4’s CAD Management Tools – Free Training

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Simplify, automate and transform how you manage your drawings, references and attributes with 12d Synergy 4.

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Managing CAD with 12d Synergy

Tim Brooks recently presented a free training webinar How to Manage CAD Data with 12d Synergy to help new CAD users get quickly up to speed with 12d Synergy 4’s CAD tools.

In this video and blog, you’ll learn how to manage your drawings, references and CAD attributes faster and easier with 12d Synergy’s CAD Management features.

Faster Updating of CAD Attributes

If you’ve ever had to update title block details across 10, 20 or 100 sheets before, you’ll know it really sucks. It’s tedious, it’s time-consuming and it’s error-prone.

Our new Title Block Manager Tools let drafters take up to 98% less time updating title block attributes.

These tools update title blocks on the server-side, pushing the changes to your drawings without opening any DWGs, or run any fiddly scripts.

You can learn more about 12d Synergy’s Title Block Manager tools by watching a recording of our previous webinar: How to Spend up to 98% less Time Updating CAD Title Blocks.

Reference Manager

12d Synergy also helps you manage and edit your referenced files. 12d Synergy intuitively recognises the connections between your DWGs and Xrefs, so you can rename or move files without the frustration of breaking the links between them.

12d Synergy’s Reference Manager displays your Xrefs as a reference tree and graph. This lets you visually see what’s referenced into your drawings, and how they are referenced; either as overlaid or nested references.

You can also open, edit and attach references directly from within your CAD package using 12d Synergy’s toolbars for AutoCAD and BricsCAD.

Free eBook: How to Conquer CAD Chaos

Download our free 5-page guide to learn more about simplifying and fast-tracking CAD data management with 12d Synergy.

CAD Plugins and Toolbars

12d Synergy offers plugins and toolbars for BricsCAD, AutoCAD and Civil 3D. These tools let you manage your drawings, Xrefs and attributes without leaving your CAD package.

For instance, you can insert blocks, attach, edit and manage your references, as well as manage and update your attributes.

Simplify, automate and transform how you manage your drawings, references and CAD attributes with 12d Synergy.

Learn how in our free 30-minute title block workshop. Sessions running throughout today. 

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