How to Spend up to 98% Less Time Updating CAD Title Blocks

We've spent 2-years building a game-changing title block automation tool. It's up to 10x faster than LISP routines.

Learn how in our free online workshop.

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Spend up to 98% Less Time Updating Title Blocks

Learn how in our free online workshop.

Your next workshop starts in less than 15 minutes...

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In this Workshop You'll Learn:

  • The common challenges & risks of updating title blocks manually 
  • How to update title blocks faster and easier using LISP routines and an Excel Drawing Register  
  • We’ll take this one step further: showing you an even faster tool
  • You’ll then be given an exclusive demo of 12d Synergy’s new CAD Title Block Manager tools in action

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Our Title Block Manager Tool: What You Need To Know

It’s no secret – managing and updating title block attributes is an extremely tedious and mind-numbingly dull task (that’s why we have interns).

You'd rather step into the office’s paper shredder than manually updating title blocks (yep, we’ve been there too). 

And you know that unfortunately, there’s no escape; no rope-swinging hero. Title blocks are a ‘necessary evil’ when it comes to CAD. End of story. 

…or is it?

2 years ago, we'd had enough of it. We hated title blocks. We hated data entry. So we decided to build a new game-changing tool. With the goal of automating and eliminating title block data entry.

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Today, this tool has transformed how title blocks are managed. Allowing hundreds of drafters to spend up to 98% less time updating CAD attributes.

  • Easily manage all your title blocks within a central built-in spreadsheet
  • Update attributes quickly and automatically across the whole project without opening a single DWG 
  • Maximise your productivity, as all updating occurs silently in the background 
  • It’s hassle-free and super easy to use: no coding, no LISP routines, no scripts

How Much Time & Money are you Wasting on Title Blocks?

We’ve built a free calculator in Excel that answers exactly that question. The numbers will surprise you…

The calculator is super quick and easy to use, and the results are customised to your company’s specific projects and workload

All you need is to input four figures, and you’re done. You can see just how much time and money you could save with our new title block automation tool. Your results can then be published to A3 PDF at the click of a button to show your manager. We’ll be handing out the calculator for free during the workshop. So make sure you register below and attend to get your copy. 

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