10 Reasons to Manage Your CAD Data with 12d Synergy

by | Feb 21, 2019

Do you want to spend less time managing your CAD data, and more time actually working on it? It’s a no brainer – here’s how.

Spreadsheets, network drives and lisp routines just don’t cut it anymore. The game has changed. You need something smarter… and there’s an easy, powerful solution.

Without rock-solid management of your CAD data: files get misnamed, references get broken, collaboration becomes chaotic, workflow processes get forgotten and drawings get overwritten.

Before you know it, tempers flare, fingers are pointed and productivity deteriorates…

  • Hour after hour is wasted updating title blocks using Excel spreadsheets with cumbersome LISP scripts
  • Productivity takes a nosedive as disorganised collaboration causes costly data duplication, accidental overwrites, and naming and filing anarchy
  • Xrefs break and need rebinding again and again as files are moved or renamed
  • There are endless delays to get drawings going due to glacially-slow data transfer and network speeds when opening files or sharing them
  • Litigation fees snowball with no clear audit trail of email correspondence and project changes

All of this wastes your time, takes the ‘life’ out of work-life balance and ruins your productivity. You deserve a better way to work…

Put an end to the chaos of CAD with 12d Synergy

12d Synergy’s CAD Management has been supercharged in version 4. There’s a range of new and intuitive features to allow drafters to get more drafting done in less time, without the usual frustrations of admin, manual workflows and slow network speeds.

Manage your drawings, references, collaboration, edit and update your CAD Attributes in an easier and more productive way.

Kill the Chaos with A Single Source of Truth

With 12d Synergy all files are centrally located and accessible to all authorised users. The check-in/check-out process, ensures you’re always working on the correct version of a drawing. All folders and files comply with naming and filing rules.

Work faster with Intelligent Data Transfers

12d Synergy delivers only the data that has changed, reducing transfer times and network strain from large DWGs and XRef drawings.

Lightning fast CAD

12d Synergy allows CAD to run off your local drive, so it’s lightning fast. All subsequent edits are local, so large datasets are no longer clogging the network, and it’s faster for everyone.

Work Locally – Workshare Globally

Unchain yourself from your desk, and work on your drawing anytime anywhere – at home, onsite, at a JV office, even on the train.

Streamline your CAD processes

12d Synergy’s Workflow Engine ensures critical processes are efficient, with minimal errors, repeatable, and scalable, resulting in increased profitability. It ensures all steps in a workflow are actually carried out, so for example, non-approved work isn’t issued to the client.

Intuitive & Time-saving: XRef Tracking

12d Synergy intuitively recognises the link between your drawings. You can move or rename your files without breaking the references, and roll back to earlier reference versions. Xref relationships between DWGs can be visually displayed, giving you a clearer picture of what’s linked to what.

Seamless CAD integration

CAD plugins – BricsCAD and AutoCAD (all the different flavours, including Plant 3d, Map3D, Mechanical, etc) – make working between CAD and 12d Synergy effortless. You can manage drawings without opening the 12d Synergy Client. 12d Synergy also supports Civil3d including data shortcuts.

A Smarter Way to Manage Your Title Blocks

12d Synergy allows a simplified, smarter automated way to manage your CAD title block data and maintain a drawing register, without the chore of manual data entry and opening each DWG.

Layout Editor: Detect and import layouts from DWG files. Edit attributes in Layouts directly from 12d Synergy, or edit attributes in CAD, and push changes back up to 12d Synergy.

Bulk Attribute Editor: Continue using existing Spreadsheets, or say farewell to cumbersome LISP routines all together, with 12d Synergy’s new Bulk Attribute Editor. Edit file and layout attributes for automatic embedding and updating without the need to open your DWGs. Changes are pushed from 12d Synergy directly into your DWGs.

Sheet Set Manager: Automatically update DST files when changed by someone else. 12d Synergy prompts for check-in/out of sheets within the sheet set, and can import sheets or set a default sheet.

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