12d Synergy is data done smarter

12d Synergy is the streamlined common data environment and project collaboration solution for your architectural, engineering and construction office.


12d Synergy is efficiency

for those who’ve had enough of collaboration chaos and stressful, slow networks

12d Synergy is freedom

to be unchained from your desk, to work flexibly anywhere, anytime

12d Synergy is productivity

for the pioneers who know there’s a smarter, faster, better way to work

What is 12d Synergy?

It’s everything AEC professionals need to spend less time managing data, and more time actually working on it. Get back to making more great things happen for you, your project and your clients

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With over 30 years’ experience in the AEC space, the 12d Synergy team understands the way you manage your data. We’ve used that knowledge to develop tools in three distinctive modules that reflect the way you do business:


Transform email clutter into dependable documentation with simple and easy email filing, management and retrieval


(Includes Email Management) Step up to centralised, rock-solid document management, built specifically for busy AEC offices

Advanced Data Management

(Includes Email & Document Management)

12d Model

Superior folder-based geospatial data management that speeds up data transfers, reduces data storage and streamlines worksharing

CAD Management

Conquer CAD chaos with a smarter, more automated way to manage your CAD data, maximising your productivity and efficiency

The Smarter Way to Manage Your Data

Over 8,500 civil designers, drafters, surveyors, project managers and office managers are experiencing the smarter, faster, better way to work that 12d Synergy offers you. Don’t get left behind.

12d Synergy is flexible and scalable, it’s perfectly suited for multi-national enterprises and small and medium businesses.

12d Synergy: Easy to Install, Easy to Use

12d Synergy software is installed on your server (on premises or in the cloud) and all users can easily access company data through the 12d Synergy client. All data transferred is encrypted to ensure rock-solid data security. Should you choose, access can be granted to users outside of the office to seamlessly connect with 12d Synergy anywhere, anytime.

Transform your offices’ worksharing and collaboration with up to 30x faster data transfers. Further optimise data transfer speeds across multiple offices with 12d Synergy’s file replication servers (FRS).
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