12d Synergy Virtual Demo

Presented by Mitch McPherson

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Session Overview

Mitch McPherson, our National Sales Manager, leads an exclusive virtual demo highlighting 12d Synergy—a cutting-edge solution for engineering, surveying, and construction data management. It goes beyond being a Common Data Environment (CDE), functioning as an advanced file management tool tailored for precision with diverse engineering data. Serving as a versatile hub, 12d Synergy facilitates seamless collaboration for professionals of all sizes, from large consultants to businesses. Beyond its engineering CDE role, it acts as a comprehensive document management solution, ensuring secure file management through a check-in/check-out system adopted in major projects and alliances.

Breakdown of what you’ll learn:

  • Introduction to 12d Synergy: Overview of 12d Synergy as a CDE.
  • File Management: Importance of efficient file management.
  • Version Control: Managing revisions and tracking changes in documents.
  • Metadata: Ensuring compliance with ISO 19650 through metadata.
  • Check-In/Check-Out Processes: Explanation of check-in/check-out processes for collaborative work.
  • Collaborative Features: Exploration of collaborative tools and features within 12d Synergy.
  • Job Containers: Understanding the concept of job containers for project organization.
  • Workflow Engine: Overview of the workflow engine for implementing approval processes.
  • Integration with Design Tools: Mention of integration with software such as AutoCAD and MicroStation.
  • Email Management: How 12d Synergy handles email communications and management.
  • Support for Various File Types: Discussion on the system’s ability to handle a variety of file formats.
  • Mapping and Spatial Search: Enables jobs, contacts and companies to be easily visualised on maps based on geocoded addresses or latitudinal and longitudinal coordinates.

The complete virtual demo has been recorded and you can register to view it below. Make sure to watch 12d Synergy’s CAD workflow and spatial search demonstration – we know you’ll get a lot out of it!

About the Presenter

Mitch McPherson

Mitch McPherson

National Sales Manager, 12d Synergy

Mitch McPherson joined 12d Synergy in 2017 and immediately became an invaluable member of our team. Now in the role of National Sales Manager, he helps engineering and construction clients throughout Australia achieve improved business function and improved profitability through the use of common data environments.

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