12d Synergy Connected Products

Achieve a complete business solution from job creation to design and construction and eliminate time-wasting double data entry by connecting 12d Synergy to your other software packages

Avoiding double data entry

No software product can do everything. To get the job done, your business must use multiple software products, from project management to accounting software.

Managing, sharing and updating your data across all these systems demands time-wasting and error-prone double data entry.

How Our Connectors Works

Our connectors automatically pulls data created in your other software products into 12d Synergy, including jobs, tasks, folders, suppliers, contacts, staff and notes. Attributes and contacts within 12d Synergy are automatically populated with this information.

12d Synergy’s Connected Products

“The WorkflowMax connector sets up my jobs with the basic
attributes and folder structure I need, simplifying project set-up”

Paul Milton
Milton Services