Data Sync for Surveyors and Contractors

Data Sync for Surveyors and Contractors


Until now, there has been no managed way to get data from the data manager to the field surveyors and their survey work back without using untracked and unreliable solutions.

Solution: 12d Synergy’s Data Sync

12d Synergy is a data management and project collaboration tool that helps you keep track of your data and what your team is doing.

Whether using 12d Model, 12d Field or another surveying application, data needs to be transferred to surveyors to work on in the field. 12d Synergy offers a simple and robust two-way data synchronisation option that pushes a ‘central data model’ to all selected computers or tablet PCs. Data synchronisation can be configured to perform overnight, or on demand, and the data owner is also notified when the data has successfully been synchronised.

After completing the survey field work or as-built assignment, the surveyor can upload the 12d field files (the electronic field book of all measurements, instrument location details, codes and attribute information) as constructed data and QA reports and other required files to the 12d Synergy server for managed QA distribution.

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