12d Synergy Attributes

12D Synergy uses customisable attributes to help you find, manage and organise your data and documents within the framework of your company’s process workflow


An attribute may be of type:

  • Text
  • Integer
  • Real
  • Date/Time
  • Contact
  • User
  • List
  • Binary e.g. Yes or No
  • Coordinate
  • Address

There are a number of attributes in 12d Synergy. These include:

Job attributes

Job attributes are used to describe or characterise information relating to the Job, such as the job number or the name of the client. An unlimited number of attributes may be defined. Job attributes can be used at any folder level and in any office document, DWG or 12d Model projects (such as title blocks). Attributes can be mandatory or optional.

Folder attributes

Folder attributes may be used to describe or characterise information specific to all the files in the folder. As an example, a folder that contains correspondence with a specific contractor may be characterised by an attribute with the value equal to the name of the contractor. This would be useful in searches.

File attributes

File attributes are used to describe or characterise information about files. You can define a system file attribute, i.e. it will apply to all files in all Jobs and all folders, or attributes that are just specific to files in a folder. File attributes may be created specific to files of a particular extension. File attributes may be displayed in the folder layout; this is useful for filtering and sorting files.

File change attributes

File change attributes are used to characterise changes in the file and must be entered each time a file is changed.

Task attributes

Task attributes are used to characterise task types. As an example a task type could be “Contractor tender”. The task attributes may then include the closing date of the tender, the name of the contractor and the value of the tender.

Email attributes

Email attributes are used to describe emails. 12D Synergy will import the basic email attributes from the email client, such as Sent Date and Subject.

You can also add your own custom attributes to add extra information relevant to your business as the email is being uploaded to 12D Synergy.

The multitude of attribute and attribute types gives you the flexibility to document the way your business works.

Example uses of attributes could be:

  • Reason for updating – great for Tender and other project documents
  • Where data was gathered – great for complex projects with multiple locations
  • Workflow state – If you have a number of pre-defined steps for your business

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