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NX2 Project: Point Clouds & As-built Data Management


Presented by Liam Callaghan & Jonathan Kubiak

Session Overview:

The Puhoi to Warkworth Project (NX2) in New Zealand will extend the four-lane Northern Motorway 18.5km from the Johnstones Hill tunnels to just north of Warkworth. The new route will provide further connectivity to communities whilst delivering more reliable journey times and better freight connection for the Northland region.

Join Liam Callaghan & Jonathan Kubiak (Lead Digital Engineering & Digital Engineering from Fletcher Construction respectively) as they share the team’s tips and tools utilised to streamline the construction phase of the huge project.


Talk Highlights:

  • Setting up data management for complex projects to provide easy & fast access to data
  • Utilising MTF Create to bring data from other sources and convert to own MTF’s
  • Working with point clouds and what data can be created from them
  • Examples of how to utilise the point cloud data out on-site

Meet the Speakers

Liam Callaghan 
Lead Digital Engineer at Fletcher Construction 

A landscape architect by trade, Liam Callaghan made the switch to highway design 25 years ago. With project experience in Europe and Australasia, Liam now works closely with the team team in the construction field as a digital engineer.


Jonathan Kubiak
Digital Engineer & Aerial Drone Surveyor at Fletcher Construction

Hailing from the UK Jonathan now calls New Zealand home after moving to Auckland to study engineering and business. Jonathan was appointed the drone surveyor for the NX2 project due to his extensive background working with drones and photogrammetry.