Connecting the Dots: CDEs, Security, and the Future of 12d Synergy

Presented by Joel Gregory and Richard Stoliar

Available on demand

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Session Overview

Navigate the complexities of Common Data Environments (CDEs), data management, and vendor-neutral data flows with this insightful webinar featuring an interview with Richard Stoliar, CTO of 12d Synergy, and Joel Gregory, CEO of 12d Synergy. Through the day-to-day insights of Richard, you’ll gain an exclusive look at 12d Synergy’s roadmap—from new feature updates to cutting-edge security protocols. Whether you’re in IT, engineering, or project management, you’ll discover strategies to streamline your data ecosystem and integrate seamlessly with a variety of platforms.

What You’ll Learn:

  • Navigate the challenges of interconnected systems and data management while adhering to ISO 19650 standards with 12d Synergy’s upcoming Data Flows feature
  • A sneak peak into the future of 12d Synergy—new integrations, custom form building, and an ecosystem of interconnected CDEs
  • How to secure your data: from employee training to vulnerability assessments and more
  • The benefits and drawbacks of different infrastructure approaches—on-premise, cloud, or private cloud and which one is right for you

Session details:

Available on demand
Duration: 17 minutes
Cost: Free

About the Presenters

Joel Gregory portrait

Joel Gregory

CEO for 12d Synergy

Joel Gregory is a Co-Founder and the Chief Executive Officer of 12d Synergy. He’s the leader of 12d Synergy, driving the company’s future direction and strategy. Joel takes a hands-on approach to leadership, with on-the-ground experience providing sales, training and support for 12d products throughout Australia, New Zealand, Middle East and Europe. Joel is driven by the vision of transforming how the architectural, engineering and construction industry works and collaborates through innovative software. Joel has over 18 years’ experience in varying roles in the 12d businesses.

Image of Richard Stoliar

Richard Stoliar

CTO for 12d Synergy

Richard Stoliar is a Co-Founder and the Chief Technical Officer of 12d Synergy. With a focus on guiding the technical teams and interfacing with the broader business, Richard brings his seasoned expertise to 12d Synergy. Boasting 22 years of experience in the software and IT space, his in-depth knowledge in the realm of data management provides actionable insights for anyone looking to optimise their data workflows.