Latest Product News – 12d Synergy 5.1.6

by | Jun 28, 2024 | Blog, What's New

Do you want to make your workflow smoother and more efficient? At 12d Synergy, we’re here to help, which is why we’re excited to announce these new time-saving features and updates to current features that can help you better manage your project information, improve utilisation, and work smarter.

Before you upgrade, we strongly recommend visiting the 12d Synergy “What’s new on version 5.1.6” page. It’s a comprehensive guide to all the latest improvements and features in version 5.1.6. This will help you assess if these changes align with your business goals or enhance your team’s productivity.  You’ll also need to check if the nodes file reflects this capability, for example, if the maintenance and support are current.


🚀 Upgrading to 12d Model v15:

We have some fantastic news for our 12d Model users. The process and tools to migrate your projects from version 14 to 15 are now officially live and ready to use, making the transition a breeze!

Oh, and heads up: if your IT team likes to dot their i’s and cross their t’s, they might suggest a benefit valuation exercise. It’s just to ensure the upgrade is worth their time and yours. After all, nobody wants to chase after shiny new features if they don’t add real value, right?  To review the advancements of 12d model 15, please check out these pages:


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📊 Usage Tracking:

You now have the ability to officially track the duration people are connected to jobs in 12d Synergy. This feature allows you to allocate usage to different cost centres more accurately, providing valuable insights into job utilisation. It also helps monitor work frequency and resource allocation, giving you a clear view of project time and associated costs, catering to businesses of all sizes.


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🛠️ Job-Specific Customisation:

We’ve updated our 12d Model customisation feature in 12d Synergy! No more sluggish network performance with our lightning-fast batch process that swiftly copies customisation files from 12d Synergy.

This update ensures seamless operations and greater flexibility in managing job-specific customisations, perfect for busy schedules and company data managers grappling with bandwidth issues. If you haven’t heard of this feature before, it ensures that the latest customisation files are deployed and archived at the time of job creation. If a project is delayed for many years, all associated customisation files remain in the project, and another advantage is that it allows greater flexibility in editing the files.  This will help streamline processes and ensure project consistency by retaining the set standards and procedures but also allows surveyors to automate and define tasks and workflows.

Seeking assistance with 12d Model customisations? Make use of 12d Synergy’s three different customisation modes – You can find them here or consult your internal data manager. You will find the job or customisation settings in the 12d Model, controlled from the env_config.4d file, together with 12d Model project templates.


📁 Data Flows:  

At 12d Synergy, we are big believers in the Common Data Environment (CDE) 2.0 and that the best practice for CDE adoption is a technology stack of solutions that best fit the requirements of individuals and their teams by breaking down silos and allowing project information to be shared across different stakeholders right through the asset’s lifecycle.  Data flows involve sending and receiving data between products like ProjectWise and Autodesk Construction Cloud.


⏰ Check-In Reminders:

Previously, we offered you “warnings on exit,” but now, you can schedule timed warnings.

Picture this: It’s 4 p.m, and just as the clock strikes, you realise your CAD drawing hasn’t been checked in since 9 am.  As a result,  your project team can’t track your edits, or you’ve got a backlog where no one in your team or stakeholders has access to the most recent version, pushing your project deadline further.

Now, you have your trusted “check-in” reminder to remind you to keep your files in check. With this new addition, you can schedule these reminders daily, weekly, or whenever suits your workflow best!

These timed warnings aren’t just a neat feature for users; they help administrators keep users informed about when to check in their data, enhancing the whole project information management process.

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Keeping you informed every step of the way

It’s important for us to keep you informed about our current and upcoming features. We are committed to keeping you updated to ensure you are fully utilising the features that align with your business to get the most out of your system.

If you’d like to learn more about these features, you can visit 12d Synergy’s Knowledge base. If you have any specific questions, please get in touch with your account manager.


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