12d Synergy 4’s Workflow Engine

by | Oct 29, 2018

Get Work Done the Right Way, Every Time

All businesses have workflows which often involve a very repetitive, time-intensive range of tasks. Various steps, activities, interactions and rules must be strictly followed by a variety of different staff in different roles to get the job done.

Often, whether or not a project gets completed on time and within budget all comes down to how well you and your team manage and execute your workflows.

Without a system to manage your workflows you leave yourself reliant on individuals to perform each step, activity and interaction in the correct way and to the right standard. You know first-hand that this can be very hit and miss… Things inevitably fall through the cracks, you get errors, tasks are forgotten, revisions are skipped, wrong documents are issued, standards aren’t met and you miss deadlines.

Poor Workflows Produce Poor Work

It’s a disaster situation:

Staff jostle with relentless email, phone and verbal correspondence to notify others that a step is in progress, blocked or completed. This results in you wasting far too much time lost in status communications.

Critical tasks are forgotten, skipped or erred due to the impossibility of manually enforcing that all elements of the workflow are completed on time and to standard.

Key information is lost as it becomes buried under mountains of confusing and unnecessary email chains.

Miscommunication occurs as users unknowingly email the wrong documents or send the right file to the wrong recipient. Without automation, human error is inevitable.

Collaboration hits roadblocks as users forget to notify staff of status changes or don’t know what stage the workflow is up to and who is working on it.

Your office is entangled in a legal nightmare as users mistakenly issue documents to the client that has not yet received approval.

To Fix This, You Need To Automate

12d Synergy’s workflow engine helps you get back in control of this chaos by managing, streamlining and automating your business’ workflows. 12d Synergy helps you work smarter, focusing your time and energy on the tasks that actually get the job done.

Bring Visibility to Your Workflows

Eliminate wasted time lost in email, phone and verbal communication as users can easily see in real-time where the workflow is up to and who is working on what. See where the bottlenecks are and solve issues before they escalate into major problems. Downtime is also eliminated as users are notified as soon as they can start on their tasks.

Ensure All Steps in a Workflow Are Actually Done

Mitigate the risk of errors occurring, such as non-approved work being issued to the client, with a rock-solid system to manage and streamline your workflows. This takes human error out of the equation, avoiding a wide variety of business problems. 12d Synergy make your business processes repeatable, scalable and efficient which is the key to overall business profitability. It’s a no brainer.

Crystal Clear Collaboration

When workflows are systematic, everyone is brought onto the same page. They know what actions are required to complete a certain workflow, and who is involved and the progress of the workflow. This takes the chaos out of collaboration at your office, streamlining the flow of information and tasks.

Streamline Your Workflows with Automation

Automate a range of repetitive, time-intensive tasks in your workflows with 12d Synergy. Automating these processes enables you to further enhance the efficiency of your workflows, enhancing speed, accuracy and cost-efficiency.

Easily Identify Where Problems occur, and Fix Right Away

When a problem occurs, with our workflow system and full audit trail you can easily see where the problem was and then solve it before it festers into a major problem.

How Our Workflow Engine Works

Workflows are designed for common standardised processes that are repeated. It’s impractical (but possible) to design a workflow for a one-time process.

Example of a CAD drawing dwg review Workflow

Workflows are simple to create and edit. Visual drag and drop functionality means you don’t have to get lost with the headaches of code – so you don’t need to be an IT wizard. Workflows are visualised with boxes and arrows – making it simple to understand how tasks and connections work.

Here is the above example, CAD review workflow created with 12d Synergy’s Workflows.

Creating a CAD Review Workflow in 12d Synergy 4's New Workflow Flow Management Engine

Workflows are set up as Attributes which means you can run a workflow against almost anything in the 12d Synergy, including, Jobs, Folders, Files, 12d Model Projects and Tasks.

This makes 12d Synergy’s Workflow Engine highly customisable using an intuitive interface: workflows can be as simple or as complex as you desire, to seamlessly suit your business’s unique ways of doing things.

Learn more about Workflows with 12d Synergy

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