How to Work from Home Without Losing Productivity

COVID-19 has made working from home the new norm. But engineering and construction offices are all feeling the downsides: slow data transfers, duplicate data and collaboration chaos.

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How to Work from Home Without Losing Productivity

Safeguard your business and productivity with FREE 3-months access to 12d Synergy.

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The Ugly Truth: CAD was Never Designed to be Used from Home

COVID-19 has forced businesses globally to rapidly adapt to remote working. Efficiently collaborating and accessing your data from home is now essential to your survival – now, and well into the future.

But stop. There’s a problem… engineering and CAD software was never designed to be used remotely. It needs a high-speed local connection.

Learn the top 3 pitfalls of managing CAD from home, and what you can do to avoid them below:

Working Remotely with Dropbox, OneDrive or Remote Desktop?

These systems can’t handle the size and complexity of engineering datasets:

  • Slow data transfers strangle your design performance and crashes your programs.
  • Can’t handle ‘folder of file’ data, forcing you to waste time zipping projects, or risk data corruption.
  • Network congestion forces your team to work nightshift.

Poor Systems = Poor Practices

To maintain productivity with these systems, your team must copy project data onto their local drive. Sure, this loads fast, but this creates dangerous duplicate datasets.

  • Productively stalls as you're held ransom by slow data transfers.
  • Duplicate data snowballs into an avalanche of risk and confusion.
  • How will you consolidate all this duplicate data when you return to the office?

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Collaboration and Workflows Break

Duplicate data and poor systems cause your team’s collaboration and workflows to deteriorate:

  • All data integrity is lost as your team is lost in version confusions; risking working on or issuing outdated data.
  • Errors multiply as uncontrolled files are incorrectly named, moved, deleted and corrupted.
  • Knowing what your team is working on, or where the project is at is impossible without constant disruptive status updates.

We surveyed current 12d Synergy users, and they told us that without 12d Synergy, 30-80% of their productivity was lost working from home.

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Improve Productivity and Safeguard Your Business with 12d Synergy

Maximise your remote working productivity with optimised data transfers to a controlled common data environment, built specially for the engineering and construction industry.

12d Synergy is a data and document management system, built specifically for the architectural, engineering and construction industry. Our software manages the mountains of emails, documents and terabytes of engineering data surrounding infrastructure projects.

Best of Both Worlds: Speed and Control

12d Synergy gives you the speed of working from your local drive, with the safety and security of full version control and single source of truth.

  • Intelligent Data Transfers: send only the changed files, not the full project; reducing data transfers by up to 91%, and increasing data transfers by up to 30x
  • Always work from the latest version with our rock-solid check-in check-out system
  • Go back in time with versioning records a timeline and description behind every edit

Work Smarter with Managed Folders

12d Synergy is the only document management system that can manage folder-based software programs, including 12d Model, TUFLOW, XPSWMM, LisCAD and SPACEGASS.

  • Treats the ‘folder of files’ as a single entity, ensuring the full project and all referenced files are transferred.
  • Allows engineering software to run fast and smoothly from the local drive with up to 5x faster opening speeds
  • Protects your priceless projects from data corruption as all files are correctly handled

Work from Home Without Losing Productivity

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