Powering Profitability: Land Surveys’ $150k Annual Savings with Real-Time Collaboration

Presented by Mark Harris

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Session Overview

What do you do when you are Australia’s largest privately owned survey business and you’re watching thousands of dollars being lost to miscommunication due to poor data management? For Land Surveys, they knew it was time for a radical change. They needed a powerful solution to solve their data management challenges, including fragmented data, dependency on traditional servers, limited roll back and versioning, and uncontrolled data sources.

This webinar, split into two parts, explores the remarkable story of Land Surveys’ transition to a cloud-based structure, their decision to implement 12d Synergy at the enterprise level, and how they were able to simply and efficiently manage their data in a $30 million rail camp upgrade project located in the remote Pilbara desert in Western Australia. The team at Land Surveys provide an in-depth explanation of their challenges, successes and how 12d Synergy enabled them to save over $150,000 per year.

What You’ll Learn:

Part 1: Enterprise Deployment: The journey and background of the business decision to adopt 12d Synergy at an enterprise level.

Part 2: Data Management “Across the Divide:” A case study on harnessing 12d Synergy across Australia for the Rio Tinto rail camp upgrade in the remote Pilbara desert of Western Australia

Session Details

Available on demand

Duration: 23 minutes
Cost: Free

About the Presenter

Mark Harris portrait

Mark Harris

Senior Surveyor, Land Surveys

Mark is a Senior Surveyor with Land Surveys, currently working in Western Australia’s Pilbara region. Mark has extensive experience working with Tier One contractors on major infrastructure projects throughout South Australia, from the Northern Connector freeway, to the Olympic Dam Airport and Camp upgrades to work on solar and wind farms in the growing renewables sector. Based in Adelaide, South Australia, Mark is passionate about his work and training junior surveyors in the world of infrastructure and the use of 12d ensuring contractors goals are not only achieved but exceeded.

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